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Most Comfortable Shoes To Graduate In


Graduation day is upon us. Your school and family may not see what you wear underneath your gown, but everyone will certainly see your shoes. Most of us want to opt for a killer heel, but we forget that we need to be wearing this for a long period of time and walk perfectly in front of hundreds of people. To avoid any painful situations, we compiled the most comfortable shoes to graduate in for you!

Comfortable Shoes: Wedges

Photo Credit: Toms

You may realize on your own that walking and standing up straight is much easier to do in wedges than in high heels. The ball of your foot is on its own little platform in wedges, giving your arch and heel a lot more support. Since your weight is more evenly distributed, it is easier to keep your balance. This is why wedges or a block heel are solid options to wear to graduation, with a dress like Faviana Style S10626.

Comfortable Shoes: Ankle Straps

Photo Credit: Steve Madden

If pumps or wedges aren’t your thing, then simply find a pair of low heels that have a buckle around your angle. Not only do ankle straps make your legs look longer with your huge graduation gown, but it gives your feet the stability you need to successfully walk across the stage. Having something to hold your ankle in place all night will prevent any injuries or slips, so why wouldn’t you want this option? Try this with Faviana Style S10911.

Comfortable Shoes: Flats

Photo Credit: Michael Kors

There’s nothing wrong with wanting your feet to be completely on the ground with no platform. Flats are a great option to walk without any problems and not tower over anyone in pictures. With an array of styles, patterns, fabrics, and colors, you’ll be sure to find a pair that suits your style and comfort level. Wear these graduation shoes with a white dress such as Faviana Style S10925.

Comfortable Shoes: Strappy Sandals

Photo Credit: Marc Fisher

Who says you can’t wear cute, strappy sandals to graduation? It’s the end of spring and beginning of summer, so there’s no better way to break them in. Whether your graduation is outside or inside, your feet will certainly be comfortable and bring in the warm weather. Especially if you’re wearing a formal dress like Faviana Style S10916 it will instantly bring a chic and edgy vibe.

Comfortable Shoes: Converse

Photo Credit: Nike

Wearing sneakers is the ultimate culprit in dressing down an outfit. You worked so hard to get where you are though, so don’t let convention get in the way of showing off your style. To be the most comfortable on your big day, wear your favorite pair of converse! There’s no better way to make a statement on your graduation day. Wear a fun color against Faviana Style S10912 and complement your graduation gown.

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