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Ms. Faviana’s 5 Tips for Making Heels More Comfortable


The perfect prom dress isn’t complete without the right pair of heels of course. But how many of you struggle with keeping those heels on for more then 5 minutes after you walk out the door? Heels are SO cute, but sometimes the cuteness hides the pain. Well, we are here to help give you the best tips for making heels more comfortable. You will never complain about a pair of heels after this, we swear!

#1 Tips for Making Heels More Comfortable: Buy Shoes that Fit!

Topping our first tip for making heels more comfortable and probably the most obvious tip is to buy shoes that fit ladies. If you have wider feet, stay away from any pointed toed heels. An open-toed heel would be the best option for us ladies with wider feet. And don’t worry, there is a perfect shoe out there for everyone, so don’t try to squeeze into one that doesn’t fit comfortably.

#2 Tip: Wear in to Wear Out

Our second tip for making your heels more comfortable is to wear in to wear out. All this means is when you get your new shoes home, wear them around the house with thick socks on. Try to do this at least once a day or a couple times a week depending on the date you plan to wear your new heels. By wearing thick socks, this will help stretch out the heels and break them in. Thus, making the day you wear your new heels as comfortable as can be!

#3 Tip: Find an Insert

Another great tip for making heels more comfortable is placing an insert inside your heel. You can use either a foam or gel insert for the heel or ball of your foot. Put it wherever you think it might be painful, and in return you will feel no pain! Heel inserts can easily be bought at your local convenience store.

#4 Tip: Use Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is normally for oily hair, but did you ever think to use it in your shoes to make them more comfortable? Kind of weird, right?! But by spraying dry shampoo in your heels, this will help prevent sweating and getting blisters.

#5 Tip: Use a Numbing Spray

Lastly, another type of spray you can put in your heels is a numbing spray. This type of spray helps to prevent swelling, and you can wear your heels all night long. Some great numbing spray brands are still standing and pre-heel. The best option is to buy a purse size sample so you can easily bring it on-the-go with you and your heels!

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