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Nail Artists You Should Be Following On Instagram


Summer is upon us and that means flip flopssandals and open-toed shoes. Most people tend to go for plain colors when getting manicures and pedicures, but what if you could have some amazing nail art. While you probably wouldn’t wear intricate nail art to work, it is cool to see nail artists showcase their amazing talents on Instagram. If the occasion called for it, then you could definitely wear nail art to a sporting event or concert. I spend a lot of my time scrolling through Instagram looking for the latest trends in fashion and cosmetics. Over the past few weeks I have seen some exquisite nail art and developed a list of magnificent nail artists that you need to be following.

1. @NinetiesNails

 Photo Credit: Instagram

Scarlet Holton is a qualified makeup artist and nail technician from Northampton, UK. Holton’s account @ninetiesnails is home to different nail art designs inspired by Valentine’s Day and “The Office” to “Mean Girls” and the “Care Bears.” Holton is extremely talented and has such a steady hand and creative mind that allows her to create such fun and vibrant designs. 

2. @Banicured_

Photo Credit: Instagram

Bana is a celebrity nail artist who works at Star Touch Agency which was founded by celebrity manicurist Christina Aviles Aude. Bana has over 400k followers on Instagram and has done manicures, pedicures and nail art for celebrities all over Los Angeles. Some of the celebrities Bana has painted include Priyanka ChopraLauren Jauregui, and Kourtney Kardashian. Bana’s nail art has no limits with designs inspired by Disney characters to Christmas ornaments. 

3. @The_NailGuru

Photo Credit: Instagram

Christina Zalec is a graphic designer and illustrator from Canada who has been showcasing her talents through nail art. Zalec’s designs are so realistic looking that you forget they were done using nail polish. Most of her nail designs are inspired by animals and nature, but she does have others that are inspired by ice cream and bananas. The way she photographs her nails are able to beautifully showcase her artwork and all of the time and effort she puts into each design. 

4. @ChalkboardNails

Photo Credit: Instagram

Sarah Thompson is a nail artist and technician from Phoenix, Arizona who specializes in hand painted nail art. Thompson has over 230k followers on Instagram and has designs inspired by anything you could imagine. Dogsunicorns, and sports are just a few of the many nail art designs Thompson has on her account. I think her page is amazing because she is not using acrylic nails like a majority of the other artists. 

5. @LiamPeterNails

Photo Credit: Instagram

Liam Peter is a qualified nail technician and self taught nail artist who recently caught the attention of the public for his viral lava lamp manicure. Peter has over 20k followers on Instagram and is known for his nail art inspired by different prints and bold colors. 

Tell us who some of your favorite nail artists are by tagging us on Instagram @Faviana and Twitter @FavianaNY


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