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Rainy Day Essentials For Spring


It’s finally spring time, which means warmer weather and spring outfits. However, it also means countless rainy days. While you’re doing your spring cleaning, make sure to leave out some items to protect yourself from the storms. To still look chic and survive the wetness, try pairing your outfit with these rainy day essentials!

Rainy Day Essentials: Umbrella

This may seem like a no-brainer. Nonetheless, many of us still forget our umbrella on rainy days! Perhaps it slipped your mind, you’re too lazy to carry one, or it doesn’t fit in your bag. Still, it’s the number one rainy day essential, and it’s time to invest in a new umbrella then. Find a cute one in a color and pattern that will match a majority of your outfits. Additionally, there are small ones out there that fit perfectly into your pocketbooks. Your umbrella should be an accessory that completes your outfit, so you’ll never forget one again!

Rainy Day Essentials: Hat

Photo Credit: Peakpx

If you really don’t feel like holding an umbrella, then you have another option. You can wear a cute hat like a fedora with your outfit to still protect your hair and avoid it from getting wet or frizzy. This will spruce up any attire, whether it’s a dress like Faviana Style S10640 or a laid-back one. To add some brightness to your cloudy day, opt for a hat with a bit of color!

Rainy Day Essentials: Rain Boots

Photo Credit: Red Dirt and Glitter

If you have rain boots that you never wear, then you clearly have the wrong boots. These are the best shoes to wear in the rain so your socks don’t get soaked and your valuable shoes don’t get ruined. To avoid this problem, buy a pair of fashionable and versatile rain boots. Your favorite designers and brands create chic rain boots, so treat yourself! You’ll want to wear these and show them off every day.

Rainy Day Essentials: Trench Coat

Photo Credit: Avelinas Vintage

You have your hair, makeup, and feet protected, but what about your outfit? Just because it’s raining outside, doesn’t mean you can’t still wear a cute outfit. We agree that many raincoats aren’t the most fashionable to wear outside. That’s why your next rainy day essential should be a trench coat. These coats are trendy and affordable, covering up your entire outfit or gown easily. We recommend getting one in neutral colors so they can accent any outfit perfectly.

Rainy Day Essentials: Leather Bag

Photo Credit: A Lacey Perspective

We didn’t forget about your personal belongings. Most of us will be carrying a bag with us to school, work, or any outgoing. When it’s raining outside, it’s essential to go with a leather bag. Think of this as a trench coat for your things. Cloths and fabric bags will easily get ruined with rain, along with your stuff on the inside. However, a leather material will keep all of your important items nice and dry, while keeping you nice and stylish!

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