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Greenery: Your Go-to Color for Spring Style


Every year Pantone releases their pick for Pantone Color of the Year around the middle of January. Their choice of color is based around the global culture for the year, as well as upcoming events to look forward to this year. For 2017 Pantone choose Greenery, a refreshing, earthy green color. Greenery symbolizes stability and regrowth for the coming year,  and happens to be perfect for a pop of color for spring. Wondering how to style hues of green for spring? What about incorporating it into your home? Here are some ideas for how to add Greenery into your look for a fresh color for spring! Faviana presents:

In Your Home


Perhaps the easiest way to incorporate this color into your life is with home decor! Greenery is exactly what you need for refreshing a space for spring, or for moving into your new home. Whether you have an apartment, dorm or a house, adding a few touches of this fun shade will brighten up any room. Try a few throw pillows to start, and see where else you can add greenery into your home. If you are looking for something a little darker, experiment with variations of the color to better match your edgy style. Not looking to change your color theme for your home? Add a few plants into your space and there you have it!

In Your Wardrobe

This is the color to add to your spring and summer wardrobe. For those looking to really dive into the trend, look for dresses and pants in the green hue. Just looking for a few accents? How about a green pair of slides- this seasons biggest shoe trend. A clutch in greenery would be perfect with a springy white outfit, or what about for prom or homecoming? You could also experiment with using greenery as an accent color in your jewelry, try a statement necklace or a simple ribbon turned into a choker.

In Your Glam


Looking for something new in the world of beauty? Try something a little bold and a little fresh by adding greenery to your daily glam. Are green lips a bit much for you? Go for something a little subtler by accenting your finger or toes with a greenery polish. Green eyeshadow is also perfect for accenting brown or hazel eyes, so try sweeping a little over your lid for an everyday spring look! If you want to fully commit to green, go a little retro and add some green to the tips of your hair. Edgy ends are a fun way to accessorize, and easy to get rid of when you’re ready for something new.

We love to be the first to know about new trends, especially color trends! We are always looking for new styling ideas, and finding the best advice to give all of our gals for trying the latest trends.

How do you plan to wear Greenery this spring? What does this color mean to you? Let us know by commenting below or by tagging us on Instagram @Faviana_NY & Twitter @FavianaNY.



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