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Red Carpet Trend Round Up


Prom night, weddings, banquets, birthday celebrations, and even parties that are thrown for no rhyme or reason all have one thing in common: it’s hard to feel truly excited for them until you have your outfit planned! With so many trends to consider and a seemingly endless supply of dress options, it can feel impossible to narrow down what look you have in mind.

Don’t you fear, though. We’ve rounded up five of our favorite red carpet trends to help you figure out what outfit you will shine in at your next party. After locking down a look, you’ll be amazed by how much more excited you feel.

Popular Pinks

Photo credit: Evening Standard 
Photo credit: Evening Standard

It seems as though it’s the trend that just won’t die. Despite saturation, the color pink is still reigning champ. Soft blush pink and cherry pink in particular were all over fashion week runways this season. A more sophisticated sister of Millennial pink, blush pink is a timeless classic that designers have recently rediscovered. The rosy hue is a sweet nod to Elle Woods glamour, and when paired with modern silhouettes, can be quite a statement look. Cherry pink, on the other hand, is a louder shade that adds a certain oomph to an outfit.

Faviana style 7747
Faviana style 10006

If you’re into looking “extra”electric hues like cherry pink are ideal because they make you stand out in a crowd. When we saw these dreamy shades on Angela Bassett, Gemma Chan and Kacey Musgraves at the 2019 Oscars, we were reminded of some of our favorite fierce Faviana gowns. To follow this fad yourself, check out styles 10006 and 7747. When paired with strappy silver heels, tousled curls and dewy skin, this trend is guaranteed to turn heads.

Show Some Skin

Photo credit: Hollywood Reporter
Faviana style S7916

Nothing screams old Hollywood glamour like a daring deep V neckline. This style never really disappears from red carpets, but recently we’ve been obsessing over Lady Gaga’s take on the classic look at the 2019 SAG Awards. If you’re going Gaga over this trend like we are, you have to check out Faviana style S7916. The neckline is super sexy, but the ladylike detailing at the waist and the long skirt balance it out, making for an overall uber elegant look. Pair this gown with a vintage-inspired updo and dainty necklace, and you’ll surely be the center of attention at your next special event.

Backless Beauties

Photo credit: ABC News
Faviana style S10211

If you want to show a little skin without committing to a low neckline, consider wearing a backless dress. These dresses are a perfect balance of sexy and sophisticated, plus they eliminate the fear you may have of your neckline slipping to reveal more than you intended to. The daring trend first became hot in the 1920s when flappers were effectively dressing to shock. Society and fashion have changed drastically since then, and now backless dresses are associated with sexy sophistication and super-special occasions as opposed to scandal. We’ve seen many backless, high neckline dresses on our favorite celebs, and they’ve left us wanting more! From Charlize Theron in Dior to Lily Collins in Zuhair Murad, we simply cannot get enough. If you’re interesting in going backless at your next event, consider rocking Faviana style S10211. The lace-up detailing will have you feeling like the queen of the night, especially if you pair the dress with a statement shoe.

Red Hot

Photo credit: ABC
Faviana style S8085

Remember listening to Joe Jonas sing, “High heels. Red dress. All by yourself. Gotta catch my breath” back in 2008? Yeah, so do we. Now that the Jonas Brothers are back together, it only makes sense that people are burning up red carpets in stunning red styles. Lili Reinhart and Allison Janney at the Golden Globes, Rumor Willis and Laverne Cox at the SAG Awards, and countless other stars have embraced the trend in head-to-toe red ensembles. If you want to look red hot at your upcoming party, check out Faviana style S8085. Just get ready to feel confident. (And crank up some Jo Bros throwbacks while you’re getting ready!)

Jewels Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Photo credit: Elements of Style 
Photo credit: Teles Relay

1980s trends were resurrected by designers this year, so of course, jewel tones were back with a vengeance. Deep blues, reds, and greens are great shades to wear at special events because they are elegant and simple, and when paired with unique silhouettes and designs, they can be total show stoppers. In particular, we loved Gemma Chan and Halle Berry showing off the trend at the 2019 Golden Globe Awards.

Faviana style S10274

If you like what you see, pop over to to view style S10274. We’re obsessed with the navy shade, and we know you will be too.

What red carpet trend will you take on next? Let us know by commenting below, or by tagging us on Instagram @Faviana or on Twitter @FavianaNY.

Have a wonderful time at your next event, ladies!

With love,


Written by Erica Fouts
Edited by Sonal Patel and Diego Ledezma

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