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Shoes for Every May Ball Dress Style


Is your dress short or long? Does it have a slit or is it straight to the floor? These are some important questions you should have in the back of your mind when shopping for your May Ball shoes! Then the next question bids, do you go trendy and bold or stick with a shoe that could become a closet staple for years to come? Faviana is here to help you find the perfect shoes for every May Ball dress style!

Trendy & Bold Shoes For Every May Ball Dress

Source: Cosmo

Platform heels in bold colors and intricate patterns will be all over May Ball 2018 – if your style dares to go there! These May Ball shoes are perfect if you’re wearing a cocktail dress or a dress style with a super dramatic slit so you can show them off in their best light. Be sure that your dress style is simple, though. You need to decide whether you want your dress or your shoes to take the spotlight at May Ball so choose carefully!

Flat Shoes For Every May Ball Dress

Don’t be afraid to rock flats at a formal event. Make these your go-to May Ball shoes, whether you wear them all night long or put them in your clutch for later on when your feet get tired. Flats are trending all over right now so look deep within your closet or pick up a pair at your favorite shoe store to rock. One of our favorite styles to pair with a perfect flat is Faviana Style S10915. Wearing your flats with a dress that makes a statement all on its own lets your dress shine!

Closet Staple Shoes For Every May Ball Dress

If you’re going to go all out to invest in the perfect May Ball outfit you might as well buy a pair of shoes that will last you longer than just the one night so you can get more than one wear out of them! Opt for a simple black or nude pump that you’ll be able to wear over and over again. Not only can this style be worn with a formal dress but you can also dress these styles down a bit for corporate events, presentations, or interviews.

Kitten Heel Shoes For Every May Ball Dress

The understated trend of 2017 going into 2018 has to be the kitten heel! The kitten heel will be your best friend at May Ball since it will give you a bit of height but it is still low enough so that you won’t have any problems walking in them all night. We are loving Faviana Style S10706 from the Fall 2017 Collection to pair with your favorite kitten heel!

Comfy Rebel Shoes For Every May Ball Dress

You don’t have to sacrifice your personal style just because you’re going to a formal event. Your May Ball Shoes can be exactly what is already in your closet! Maybe you are known for your combat boots or maybe you are the girl that never takes off her Converse?! Whatever your style may be, don’t be afraid to rock it at May Ball. Your friends will love it when you are owning the dance floor in your Converse! 

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