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The Best Drinks For A Healthier You


We, as millennials, are obsessed with the latest health trends and love to be the first to know about any new products. Here at Faviana we had the honor of featuring some amazing health-boosting drinks at our glamorous Faviana Oscars Viewing Party, and we wanted to share how much we loved them.

In pursuit of drinks to help us feel our best, we had our influencers (and our Faviana team) test out Essentia water, LuliTonix, and Dirty Lemon Drink, and here’s what we learned!

Hydration is Key

Everyone knows that staying hydrated is the key to weight-loss, better skin and feeling your best, so why not drink water that’s proven to provide superior hydration? We loved having Essentia water at our event to keep our team and our guests hydrated, restored, balanced and on top of their game. Infused with electrolytes and ionized for the optimal pH level of 9.5 or higher, Essentia water registers on the alkaline spectrum.  We all know that we want our bodies to be more alkaline than acidic because it fights off disease and keeps us healthy. Bachelor star, Andi Dorfman, was seen with a bottle in her hand for most of night, along with many other influencers at our Oscars event. Next time you’re headed to the gym or out for the day grab a bottle, and pack your favorite healthy snack for an energy boost!

Feel-Good Cleansing

LuliTonix juices are totally addictive with their leafy green and nutrient-packed goodness in a bottle. With a full line of juices from daily cleanses to all natural energy shots, LuliTonix has you covered for drinkable healthy food. Here at Faviana we discovered that these juices not only feel good in your body, but also taste great! LuliTonix also has you set if you are looking for a multi-day cleanse, perfect for pre-prom or a special event, which sets up your week with all the health-benefits you need for getting your body on a healthier path. Our influencers in our VIP suite were able to enjoy the blended greens, mind food formula which is perfect for focus and memory and includes blended nootropic suberherbs such as bacopa, ashwagandha, and rhodiola, as well as the charcoal lemonade black magic rejuvelixir, also known as the ‘black lemon detox’.

Multi-Functional Drinks

We all love products that provide multiple uses, and we were extremely excited when we heard about Dirty Lemon. Knowing our guests and influencers would love to try it, we had Dirty Lemon featured at our drinks station at our Faviana Clubhouse. Dirty Lemon is the first bottled beverage of it’s kind to include collagen; ultimately improving skin elasticity, hydration and skin density, and increasing internal collagen production. Using hydrolyzed fish collagen peptides, horsetail (an herb with a high concentrate of silica), red clover (a beneficial source of plant phytoestrogen) and cayenne, the lemon flavored drink boosts your hair growth and strength, and helps to keep your skin glowing. They also offer different products for energy boosting, detoxing, and a sleep aid! We are completely obsessed, and know that before long Dirty Lemon will be a celebrity and health-enthusiast favorite, and we love to be the first to know! One influencer was overheard mentioning that it was about time a product like this was created, and assured us that she would become a Dirty Lemon regular. This is a great product to pack in your bag in the morning and sip all day for the easiest hair and skin care, ever.  It won’t be long before this becomes part of every woman’s daily skin and  hair-care routines.

We loved being able to try these fabulous products, and being able to share them with our influencers and honored guests! We will be adding all of these healthy and yummy drinks to our daily routine, without a doubt.

Have you tried Essentia, LuliTonix or Dirty Lemon? What did you think? We would love to see your comments and pictures by tagging our blog’s Instagram at @glamandgowns, or Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NY and Twitter @FavianaNY!



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