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The Ultimate Glam Accessories


Clearly, here at Faviana Glam & Gowns Blog, we’re all about that Glam. We’ve given you tips all about how to achieve a glam look: How to get Glam Hair, our Glam Makeup Tutorial and some of our favorite Glam Makeup Tips! But now were talking Glam Accessories!

When you’re trying to create the perfect glam look, accessories are key. Faviana has amazing tips for creating a look that you will never forget. Continue reading Faviana’s guide to Glam Accessories for all the deets (aka details).

You have the most glamorous dress. It fits your body like a glove making you feel like a goddess. You and I both know that shoes are the next step to pull off this glam girl look.


Have you ever heard the rule, “the higher the heel, the closer you’re to heaven?” Well, for our top glam shoes, this motto applies. Think high heel and high number count on sparkles. This will add yet another “WOW” factor when gracing your presence at your event.

If you want more of an effortless glam look, go for a pointed toe Christian Louboutin. Nothing says glamorous more than red bottoms.

It can be totally up to you if you decide on open or closed toe. Faviana’s advice is to wear an open toe when the grass is green and a closed toe when the grass is anything but green (or is grass exists at said period of time).

Next up… The Clutch

The clutch holds all your necessities while adding flare to your overall appearance. Picking the perfect one is essential.

Size does matter. So, make sure you’re picking out a clutch, not a hobo bag. You can still be just as efficient as Mary Poppins with a clutch, trust me.

Metallics are a perfect fit for the glam look you’re trying to achieve. Depending on what looks best, gold, rose gold, or silver, keep your metallic constant. Having a constant throughout your accessories will create a beautiful style diary making your look, look complete.

The Bling

And when I say bling, I mean bling. We are going for a glam approach, remember? So, depending on your dress, decide what combination is best for you. Earrings and necklace, earrings and bracelet, necklace and bracelet or, if it suits you and the dress, maybe try all three. Just remember, less is more.

And The Ring

Faviana doesn’t think that it would be a glam look without a beautiful ring pulling the whole look together and I agree 100 percent. Placing a sparkling cocktail ring on your freshly manicured finger, is a recipe for amazingness. Don’t miss out on this special tip!

Again, try to stay within your metallic family but don’t be afraid to add a contrasting flare with a different colored gem. This will add a special funkiness to the overall look.

I hope you enjoyed Faviana’s Guide to Glam Accessories. We want to know what you think, comment below. Let us know if you have some special glam tip on accessories that will add ever more jazz to our glamorous evening. And, if you try any of these tips, show us on social media by tagging @glamandgowns or @Faviana_NY on Instagram or #Faviana so we can see how fabulous you look with your evening dress.


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