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5 Simple Wedding Table Settings


When you plan your wedding, you want every piece to look as elegant as your wedding dress. You already picked the perfect wedding destination, and it’s up to you to decorate your dream wedding venue. Whether the tables are round, square, or banquet-style, your reception tables should complement your venue and get the styling they deserve. With these tips, you’ll know exactly what would be the perfect wedding table settings, satisfying both you and your guests!

Simple Wedding Table Settings 1: The Guest Cards

You most likely picked assigned seats for all your guests attending the reception. To make organization easier and to add a simple touch to the table, create your own cards with your guests’ names on them. These you can do yourself, printing the person’s name on a silhouette picture, a picture of them on a piece of wood, or a small decorative piece of paper. The guests will be able to find their seats effortlessly, feeling welcomed and appreciated. Meanwhile, you just added your first decoration to each seat at the table!

Simple Wedding Table Settings 2: Place Holders

If your wedding is outside or anywhere with a breeze, your table decorations are in danger of blowing away or moving out of place. To prevent this and add another element of surprise and decoration, set the table with one-of-a-kind place holders. These can be small objects from animals to accessories, accentuating your theme and personality. Place this in the center of each plate and anywhere along the table. Not only will it keep your hard work in place, but it will also give off both a regal and playful look.

Simple Wedding Table Settings 3: A Runner

Especially if the tablecloth you use is white or plain, this tip will certainly add a spark. A table runner that shines can easily be achieved with metallic confetti, placed in a line along the center of the table. This will draw everyone’s attention to their table, adding a sparkle in pictures and standing out. You can also lay down a hemstitch linen or any fancy fabric as the runner. Choose whichever complements your table, scene, and theme the best!

Simple Wedding Table Settings 4: Colorful Pieces


Not all weddings have to be black and white and simple. Be different and add some vibrant color combinations to your table. This can be accomplished with a bright tablecloth, silverware that isn’t silver, and any other fun accessories. Find a party favor that fits this theme and place it in the center of the guests’ plates. Many look forward to this, so make it something they will use such a candle or a small plant.

Simple Wedding Table Settings 5: Flowers

Flowers are already a big part of the big day with beautiful bridal bouquets. Nonetheless, you can share the flower love by using it as a place setting on your tables. They can be created with fabric and pom-pom pins, or you can opt for real flower buds. No matter which one you choose, the flowers will add color to the table and be unique to each table setting. Guests can then choose to wear them at the wedding, or take them home as favors.

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