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The Top 5 Steps For Perfect Lips


Bold lips that make a statement are easier to achieve than you think. We want to ensure your lips do all of the talking at your next event, so drop your lipsticks ladies. Here are Ms. Faviana’s top 5 steps for the perfect lips!

#1: Get A Lip Sleeping Mask

You use a sleeping mask on your face, so why not your lips? The first step to perfect lips is using a lip sleeping mask to hydrate your lips.

#2: Use A Lip Exfoliator

The second step is using a lip exfoliator. This will get rid of chapped lips along with dead and dry skin to achieve perfect results.

#3: Pencil For Perfect Lips

Thirdly, you want to use a lip pencil that is close to your natural shade. This will not only shape your lips to how you want, but will prevent your lipstick from bleeding!

#4: Use A Primer

The fourth step is to use a primer, just like you would for foundation. This creates a beautiful canvas for your lips to set the lipstick and make it last.

#5: Apply Your Lip Color

The last and fifth step for perfect lips is to apply your lip color. This can be a lipstick, a lip gloss, or both for the ultimate glam look!

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