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The Ultimate Workout Playlist


It’s about that time when everyone is hitting the gym to get ready for summer. Whether it is to start feeling your best for prom or a spring event, or you just want to be the healthiest version of you. So you’ve jumped on the bandwagon! You have your cute workout clothes, water bottle, a master plan as to how you are going to conquer the gym; that’s everything you need right? No! A successful workout session isn’t complete without a playlist to get you amped up. Here are Faviana’s best songs for The Ultimate Workout Playlist, so grab your headphones and play these tunes and you’ll be sure to sail through your workout!

Pump It Up

Phresh off the Runway- Rihanna

With a killer beat, this song is perfect for the treadmill or running. You will feel like you’re walking the runway for fashion week, so even if you’re powering through a squat session, work it! The energy in this song is sure to get you motivated. 

Girl Power

7/11- Beyonce

Obviously any song by Queen B will have you feeling your best. This song is perfect for those HIIT workouts that you struggle to get through. The lyrics, the beat, the energy, EVERYTHING about this song will have you in the zone. This is one of those songs that’ll make you forget you’re even working out. 

Belt It Out

Work From Home- Fifth Harmony ft. Ty Dolla $ign

The sassiness in this song is everything you could ever ask for! With catchy lyrics, you will be singing along in no time. The best songs to workout to are the ones that make you feel invincible and fabulous, and this is definitely one of them.


You Don’t Know Me – Ariana Grande

This song is what you need when you’re counting reps or lifting your PR weight. You’ll definitely block out your surroundings, get lost in the music, and get a great workout in.

Energy Boost

That’s What I Like- Bruno Mars

Perfect for getting that boost of energy to finish your work out, Bruno Mars has you covered. His music is always like one big dance party and what better way to get motivated than dancing?!

Depending on your taste, pick songs that get you motivated! When picking out workout songs, you have to take several things into considerations. First, you have to pick what genre of music best fits your current mood. After you’ve picked a genre, you have to take into consideration the length of your workout. If you’re working out for an hour, you want a playlist that will exceed that time. Lastly, the intensity of your workout is very important. If you are doing HIIT workouts, you don’t want to listen to Celine Dion (unless, of course, that’s what gets you motivated).

Ultimately, choosing your workout songs is all about your personal preference. Hopefully this helps you pick out a bomb playlist! Now go max out the volume and reach all of your gym goals. Happy lifting!



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