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Top 8 Popular Shoes To Wear At Prom This Season


Finding your prom dress is hard enough, so you shouldn’t add extra stress searching for the perfect prom shoes. Here at Faviana, we did the research for you. We present the top 8 popular shoes to wear at prom this season!

Popular Shoes To Wear At Prom #1: Rose Gold

Photo Credit: Nordstrom

Rose gold has been a popular trend with accessories, so it’s no surprise that it’s a popular shoe to wear at prom as well. Find a chic pair of rose gold heels, flats, or sandals to pair with your dress! To make sure they are shown, make sure your dress has a slit or is short in the front. These would go perfectly with a dress that already has a hint of rose in it, such as Faviana Style S10911.

Popular Shoes To Wear At Prom #2: Clear Heels

Photo Credit: Revolve

If your dress has a lot going and is a light color such as Faviana Style 11002, then don’t try too hard to match your shoes. Simply go with a clear heel! These shoes match everything, blending nicely with your feet and attire.

Popular Shoes To Wear At Prom #3: Sandal

Photo Credit: Nordstrom

If you don’t want to waste money on prom shoes you’ll only wear once, then make a smart buy with casual sandals! These you can wear time and time again in the spring, while always being comfortable and chic. Find one with a sparkly detail or pop of color to add something extra to your prom dress. This works best with simple, solid-colored gowns like Faviana Style 11010.

Popular Shoes To Wear At Prom #4: Mules

Photo Credit: DSW

Another comfortable option are mules. Whether you want them to be seen or hidden in a long dress such as Faviana Style S10923, they’ll be sure to keep you grounded throughout the whole night.

Popular Shoes To Wear At Prom #5: Mesh

Photo Credit: Nordstrom

Spice up your ordinary heels with ones with mesh! This 20’s-inspired look gives any dress a more vintage vibe. Show them off on a dress like Faviana Style 11075 to really enhance the details in place. You can find mesh on heels or flats!

Popular Shoes To Wear At Prom #6: Lace Up

If you want to give your ankles some love, then go with a lace up shoe. Featured on sandals or heels, your feet will be sure to stand out with the fabric going up your leg. There’s also an array of colors and fabrics available to match your attire. Just make sure to match it with a dress that it will be shown on, such as Faviana Style 11029, which features a high leg slit.

Popular Shoes To Wear At Prom #7: Floral

Just like how you can wear a floral dress, you can also rock some floral printed shoes! These are perfect to add some color to a white dress like Faviana Style S10721, and pose with them in pictures! Whether you choose flats or pumps, you will fit right into the spring atmosphere.

Popular Shoes To Wear At Prom #8: Ultra Violet

Photo Credit: Nordstrom

Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2018 is Ultra Violet, so why not wear the innovative color to prom? Wearing ultra violet shoes is more subtle than wearing an entire prom dress in this color. Not to mention, they go with just about every neutral color dress! We love how it looks with a white dress such as Faviana Style S10640 popping the right amount of vibrancy on your feet.

Share with us the prom shoes you wear this prom season by tagging us on Instagram @glamandgowns, and Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NY, Snapchat @Faviana_NY, and Twitter @FavianaNY. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel for more fun vlogs @FavianaNYC.



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