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Top Homecoming Accessories


Now that you’ve found your perfect homecoming dress, it’s time for some chic accessories. This pulls your entire outfit and beauty look together, so it’s important to choose wisely. We’re here to share the top homecoming accessories to wear at your special school event with you!

Homecoming Clutch

Photo Credit: Camille La Vie

The first accessory every girl needs for homecoming is a clutch. Lucky for you, there are a variety of styles and colors out there to match every single dress. Decide to be fashion-forward with a jeweled clutch, perfect for adding some sparkle to a simple gown such as Faviana Style S10011. If you want to be sleek and subtle, then go with a metallic clutch in a neutral color. The possibilities are endless with pairing! No matter what, you’ll be able to carry all the essentials for the night in a fashionable way.

Crossbody Bags

Photo Credit: Ciara O’ Doherty

If you prefer a bag that’s more hands-free, then you may want to have a crossbody bag with you for homecoming. These are just as stylish with even more designs to choose from. Find them in your favorite designer, fabric, or color, and proudly wear it with your dress. With crossbody bags, your belongings will be attached to you at all times, with easy access to everything you stored. No more forgetting where you left your bag!

Layered Jewelry

Photo Credit: Shop Noonday Collection Jewelry & Accessories

Simplicity is everything when it comes to style. That’s why we recommend choosing one focus piece, and layering that jewelry. For example, if you chose glam rings, then stack a few thin ones. You can also layer 2-3 necklaces together, chokers, and same with bracelets. These accessories are more flashy than a simple piece of jewelry, yet equally as light and simple. Plus, they go with anything! Try pairing your creations with a dress like Faviana Style S10010.

Poised Earrings

Photo Credit: AliExpress

Whether you chose to layer your jewelry or not, you should consider wearing elegant earrings for homecoming accessories. We’re talking about ones that will give you a graceful feel, and go with just about everything. Try to find earrings that are made of crystals, diamonds, or pearls for the ultimate shine. It’s important to accessorize with earrings for homecoming since most of you will be wearing updos. Hence, your ears will be showing! Give them the sparkle and love they deserve ladies.

Hair Homecoming Accessories

Photo Credit: Lulus Blog

Let’s not forget about your hair! Whether you decide to wear your hair in a ponytail, bun, braid, or down, there are homecoming accessories for every style. For some sparkle, choose a cool clip or barrette to pull some of your hair back. If you want all around shine, then choose to put a rhinestone headband in your hair. For the girl who has no idea what hair accessory to buy or what to put in their hair, don’t fret. You can always place some flowers right into your hairdo!

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