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Top Knot Hairstyles


Top knot hairstyles have been making strides as a go-to look. Whether it’s a chic hairstyle for prom or an everyday look, there’s many different ways to rock this hairdo. Here we show you the best top knot hairstyles to try for yourself this season!

Classic Top Knot Hairstyles

Photo Credit: Marie Claire

The top knot isn’t anything new, as we’ve seen them on our favorite celebs everywhere. However, the top knot isn’t going away either. It’s the perfect hairstyle that makes your hair feel chic and together, both for a day at the office or at prom in Faviana Style S10015. A classic top knot can be created with a few bobby pins, a little hairspray, and/or a hair tie. Rock it as a tight ballerina bun or a messy one to fit your style!

Upside Down Braid Top Knot

Photo Credit: The Coveteur

Opposite of the french braid updo, this top knot hairstyle is great if you have baby hairs that you just don’t know how to mangle! Simply flip your head upside down and start french braiding at your neck. You can make the braid loose, tight, small, or wide – the choice is yours! Once you get to the top of your head, tie it off with a hair tie and create your top knot. The subtle braid adds a huge statement, and looks great as an updo with a fancy-back dress like Faviana Style 10006.

Space Bun Top Knot

Photo Credit: Yahoo

We loved Millie Bobby Brown’s space buns, so why not rock two top knots in your own hair? This fun hairstyle calls for a fun dress too such as Faviana Style S10061. The playful style also allows you to play with your hair more. Add in braids, colorful ribbon, or bows to make your buns to stand out even more. As you can see, the possibilities of top knot hairstyles are truly endless.

Criss-Cross Top Knot

Photo Credit: Real Simple

Instead of just throwing all of your hair into a bun, take some time to criss-cross your hair strands. This simple style takes the standard high bun from messy to fashionable in a quick matter. Leave some hairs out and pin them with bobby pins after your hair is up. For a more polished look to go with Faviana Style S10093, braid the criss-cross hairs and tie it around your top knot!

Half Up Top Knot

Photo Credit: YouTube

If you love the Kardashians, then you’ll love the half up top knot. This is  a great hairstyle if you don’t want to commit to a full-blown top knot and still want some of your hair down. Simply make a small bun with half of your hair on the top of your head. You’ll be sure to fight the humidity, and look flawless in a strapless dress such as Faviana Style S10079. The best part though? It works well on both long and short hair!

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