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Vidov Salon’s Favorite Hair Products


New York City’s very own Vidov Salon is celebrating their 5 Year Anniversary! Vidov and their clientele have been showcased in publications such as Glamour and InStyle as well as featured on-screen. Providing many different hair treatments in the West Village from coloring and Keratin to extensions, we got a sneak peak into their “Extend Your Beauty” event. We also have the scoop on the owner and staff’s favorite hair products that we guarantee you’ll want to try out!

Vidov Salon

Vickie Vidov is a celebrated Hair Stylist and Colorist who has provided innovative hair services to clients for over 20 years! As the owner of Vidov Salon, Vickie works with her staff to provide individual services and solutions for all hair needs. If you’ve ever been to Vidov Salon as a part of their clientele, you’ve probably been lovingly called a dove. Well, many doves flocked to Vidov’s recent event for a fun and informative experience.

Extend Your Beauty Event

At the “Extend Your Beauty” event, hair extensions were all the rage. Specifically, Great Lengths’ new tape-in and fusion extensions were available for attendees to try out. Whether you were looking for the perfect shade to match your hair or wanted a fun dyed fashion color, Vidov’s hair stylists provided these complimentary services. Before getting extensions added, guests also had a free scalp analysis done by Rene Furterer hair experts. If you were lucky enough to attend, you were also met with horderves, drinks, and many laughs.

Some people wear hair extensions in their day to day lives, while many others adorn them during special occasions and events. Whether you’re going to attend a Sweet 16, New Year’s Eve Party, Prom, or a wedding in the near future, consider getting extensions. Great hair will only further compliment your great outfit and makeup. Great Lengths’ extensions are an option you may want to look out for because they can also add much needed volume to your hair in addition to length.

Favorite Hair Products

Now for Vidov’s favorite hair products! The top 3 current hair products to try and invest in are for hair growth, healthy strands, and longstanding texture.

Rene Furterer – RF 80 ATP Energie Concentrated Serum

Source: Rene Furterer Paris

This serum is a leave in scalp treatment that promotes healthy hair growth. If you are experiencing hair thinning, this temporary problem can be solved through Pfaffia extract, sage and lemon oils, and ATP Energie. These natural ingredients in the serum are beneficial in regaining a healthy scalp. Another great thing is that it doesn’t include sulfates, paraben, sodium-chloride, or silicone. A significant number of women have used this product and reported on thicker hair and a decrease in hair loss!

Rene Furterer – Forticea Energizing Shampoo

Source: Rene Furterer Paris

If you’re looking for a new shampoo for healthy hair and a burst of energy, try out this product. Helping to purify your scalp, it strengthens and thickens your hair by providing much needed nutrients. This shampoo includes guarana extract along with orange, lavender, and rosemary oils. Massaging these ingredients into your scalp and strands promotes microcirculation which helps energize. You can use this product in your daily routine to gain a beautiful and luscious mane.

Oribe – Flash Form Finishing Spray Wax

Source: Oribe

Serums… gels… curling iron… hairspray. The process of getting great, styled hair doesn’t need to be a long and complex one. Vidov’s last preferred product on our list, a finishing spray wax, may be your lifesaver. It is a texturizing wax with a weightless mist formula.  With a shake and spray of this one product, you will be able to create your hairstyle with your hands. One more final spray of it will hold it in place like a hairspray. This product offers shine, softness, and best of all, it’s Vegan!

These products are at the top of Vidov’s list right now and they should be on yours too. Think about trying these hair products out or paying Vidov Salon a visit soon for a fresh and new hairstyle.

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