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Wedding Planning Checklist


First off – if you are reading this you probably recently got engaged, so congratulations! Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting and slightly stressful times in your life. There are so many big and small details that go into a wedding that planning can be overwhelming at times, especially if you don’t know where to start. To make it easier on you, your fiancé, and your wedding planning crew, use this wedding planning checklist to stay on track!

Wedding Planning Step 1: Budget

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Many people may jump right into wedding planning and book a venue or even buy a dress as their first step. To be smart about the process, first you and your fiancé will have to sit down and figure out how much can be spent on the wedding. Depending on what type of wedding you are going for, it can get very expensive, for example, if you consider destination wedding. If you have had your dream wedding planned since you were six and do not plan on cutting corners, look into options for wedding loans to help!

Wedding Planning Step 2: The People

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Choosing who will be part of your wedding party early on will only help you because once they accept, there will be multiple people to help you plan the wedding. It also is one of the exciting parts about getting married. There are so many creative ways to ask someone to be a part of your wedding, so have fun with it! Make sure the moment is Insta-worthy.

Wedding Planning Step 3: The Venue

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You’ll want to finalize your guest list and figure out how big of a venue you’ll need to accommodate your family and friends. Picking a wedding place ahead of time is smart, especially if you have a specific date you want your special day to be on. Depending on what season you plan on getting married, the venues can be booked up sometimes almost years in advance. Booking a venue first will save you the stress later of trying to find somewhere to have the wedding.

Wedding Planning Step 4: The Dress

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The step you’ve all been waiting for: the dress! Shopping for a bridal dress can be as easy as falling in love with the first one or having to stop at multiple places. You also want to shop for a dress early enough that you leave time for it to come in after it’s been ordered and for the alterations. Although you’ll want to give yourself plenty of time, try not to shop for a dress too early because something you like when you initially get engaged may not be your dream dress when you are further into the planning process. Also, start thinking of what your fiancé will be wearing to the wedding! His attire will need to be ordered in advance as well.

Wedding Planning Step 5: The Details

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While minor details may seem like something that can be set aside, they’re just as important as the major ones! This includes the decor, table settings, invitations, food choices, flower arrangements, and entertainment. The smaller aspects of your wedding is sometimes the best part, as it lets you personalize your wedding to make it fit you and your fiancé’s personalities.

Wedding Planning Step 6: The Honeymoon

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Through all of the excitement of planning your wedding day, you don’t want to forget about the honeymoon! You’ll get to enjoy alone time as a newly married couple, so you want to relax. In the craziness of wedding planning, make sure you and your fiancé make time to sit down and plan the honeymoon. Whether you decide to go backpacking in Europe, enjoy an all-inclusive beach vacation in Hawaii, or just enjoy a quiet long weekend at a bed and breakfast, you’ll want to pick a destination you’ll both love!

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