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Women of Faviana: Doing It All


Here at Faviana we are endless empowered and inspired by the incredible women all around us. This month we had the honor of hosting Katie Corcoran to come in and speak to us about following our passions, and keeping up with a busy life. She offered us some tips and tricks for keeping our priorities straight, planning for success and recognizing when you need to reorganize. Here is our Women of Faviana: Doing It All!

Katie told us her go-to acronym for keeping herself motivated on track. Her acronym is THRIVE, and here is what Katie says we can learn from it.

T- Thoughtful

Here is where the planning comes in. Figure out what is most important to you, which parts of your life you need to prioritize, and how you’re going to reach your goals. Make lists, or organize in your phone, and check off each thing you complete.

H – Hustle

Nose to the grindstone! Katie stressed the importance of hustled towards your dreams, and giving it your all. If you want to see results, you have to work every day to achieve them. Katie calls herself a #ladyhustler, and reminds herself every day that she is powerful and capable.

R – Residual Growth

The most important part of growth is recognizing it, no matter how small. Sometimes it takes time to see actual growth or change, but it is important the celebrate even the smallest progress. Mark milestones on your calendar so you have a visual of what you have accomplished!

I – Inspire (be inspired or inspire others)

Find things or people that inspire you! Learn something new or take up a new hobby, you might be surprised by what sparks your creativity. Learn what works best for managing anxiety for you, or what calms you down and focuses you.

V – Understand your value

Never underestimate yourself. Knowing your value is key to reaching your goals, and never settling for anything less than the best. Reach for the highest goals you can, and don’t diminish your shine no matter what anyone says. Knowing your limits is always essential, and if you can’t get something done, accept it and move on to the next goal.

E – Empower

Empower yourself, and empower others! Celebrate yourself each day, whether you managed to finish your entire to do list or just a few things. Build up your girls as well! It’s tough out there, stand by your friends and family and remind them that this is all part of the process.

Approach every day with a positive attitude and I-can-do-it face, and never stop reach for your goals. But also, son’t forget to cut yourself some slack if you can’t do it all. Check out Katie’s book, She Makes It Work, for some other tips for Doing It All!

What are your tips for managing your schedule and do it all? Do you have some advice for being a #ladyhustler? Let us know what you think and your ideas by tagging us on Instagram @Faviana_NY & Twitter @FavianaNY.



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