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Double Braid into a Ponytail


With the warmer weather and most importantly prom season approaching, how many of you are working on getting your perfect body ready?! Working out isn’t always easy or even fun. It definitely isn’t anything glitzy and glamours, but we do sweat sparkles, right ladies? And nobody said you can’t look great while working out! We are here to show you how to rock one of the hottest workout hairstyles. This double braid into a ponytail will turn heads when you walk into the gym. Boys better hold onto their weights because girl you’re about to blow them away.

How to braid a double ponytail?

  1. First, section your hair in half and secure to one side.
  2. Braid your hair to where you would normally have a ponytail. Then secure it.
  3. Repeat previous step by braiding the second half of your hair to match the first half.
  4. Then secure both pieces together into a ponytail.
  5. Finish it off by wrapping a piece of hair around the ponytail and securing with a bobby pin.

Tadaaaa! The perfect double braid into a ponytail – perfect for any workout!

Now that you have just perfected the double braid into a ponytail, here are a few tips on how to keep your doubled braided pony tail in perfect shape throughout your whole workout.

Other Tips for Double Braided Ponytail

Use A Tight Elastic

When putting together your double braid into a ponytail you want to make sure the elastic you’re about to use is tight and sturdy. You don’t want your braids to come falling out because you didn’t secure it tight enough. Match the color of the elastic to your hair color. Depending on how thin or thick your hair is choose an appropriate size elastic. Scunci and Goody are two of the best hair elastics to use. Lastly, check that elastic to make sure none of the lining is coming off – you don’t want that bad boy snapping on you!

Use The Right Amount of Bobby Pins

Have plenty of bobby pins handy when putting together your double braid into a ponytail. Again make sure to match the color of your bobby pins to your hair color so they won’t be easily visible. Use the bobby pins to secure the piece of hair that you are wrapping around your elastic and any other fly away hairs that you might have. Secure them tightly but not too tight so that your head doesn’t hurt!

Use Lots of Hairspray

Lastly, have a good bottle of hairspray laying around and give your full head a few squirts. Even spray the bobby pins so they have an extra layer of support. Some popular hair sprays to use for the best results are L’Oreal, Bed Head, and TRESemme. Hair spraying your hair will help keep your braids in tact and leave you with a long lasting polished look!

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