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Workout Hairstyles: Mohawk Ponytail


Summer is approaching, and we all know what that means! Time to get those winter bods into shape. Working out isn’t always glitzy and glamours, but who said you can’t look fabulous while doing it? Rock this mohawk ponytail the next time you go workout. It’s easy to do, minimal materials are needed, and its a statement hairstyle ladies!

Materials Needed for Mohawk Ponytail

Preparing for this mohawk ponytail is so simple! All you need is a brush, some hair elastics, and a bottle of hairspray. Before starting, thoroughly brush your hair, leaving it knot free and smooth. Make sure to have a few hair elastics available that are the same color of your hair for the braid and ponytail. Lastly, finish off your mohawk ponytail with a few sprays of hairspray to keep your finished look in tact all throughout your workout!

How to Start a Mohawk Ponytail

To begin your mohawk ponytail, first create a section of your hair down the center of your head. You will then take this section of your hair and begin a dutch braid right down the middle. A dutch braid is very similar to a french braid, but instead of crossing your hair over each time, you are passing your hair from side to side underneath.

How to Finish a Mohawk Ponytail

Once you have completed the dutch braid about halfway down your head, make sure to secure the braid with an elastic. Use an elastic that matches the color of your hair to easily hide it. Take the remainder of your hair and place it into a ponytail. To create volume, tug at the braid to loosen. Finish off this polished look with a few sprays of hairspray and now you’re ready to conquer your workout!

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