Sales Mastery: Insights from Bubble's CEO


Sales Mastery: Insights from Bubble's CEO, Shai Eisenman

Meet Shai:

"Shai Eisenman is the founder & CEO behind Bubble Skincare, the first skincare brand tailored specifically for young skin. Recognizing a gap in the market for modern skincare solutions, she founded Bubble to address the needs of digitally savvy consumers. Prior to Bubble, Shai embarked on a remarkable career journey, starting with her B.A. at 15 and venturing into business at 16. Her professional path led her through roles in high-tech startups like Bullet Plate and before taking on leadership as CEO of a B2C subsidiary at Playtech. Today, Bubble boasts a diverse range of 20 affordable yet effective products, available both online and in over 12,000 retail locations across the US and UK. Shai, now 32, resides in New York with her partner and two children."

Shai Eisenmann Bubbe Skincare CEO


Dive into the dynamic world of sales with insights from Shai Eisenman, Founder and CEO of Bubble, as she unveils strategies that redefine success from a female entrepreneur's perspective:

1. Strategic Introductions: Utilize introductions to showcase your business and products strategically.

2. Cultivate a Community: Build a community around your brand as a sounding board and guiding compass for ideas, feedback, and motivation.

3. Foster Lifelong Customers: Deliver exceptional products with high perceived value to nurture lifelong relationships.

4. Innovate with Social Media: Stay attuned to consumer behaviors and current cultural trends that align with your brand's core values.

5. Drive Sales through Relationships: Adopt a customer-centric approach by listening to their needs, setting aside your agenda to truly meet them where they are.

6. Focus on Prioritization: Identify your non-negotiables and delegate accordingly to streamline operations and maintain focus on your goals.

7. Value Customer Feedback: Use customer feedback and reviews as pivotal tools to drive your business forward, continually adapting and enhancing your offerings.

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