8 Bizarre Facts About Prom You Didn’t Know

Here at Faviana, we LOVE prom. We love the glitz, the glam, and the gowns that together make for a beautiful night. We have you covered for the most up to date styling, trends and beauty ideas for the current prom season, but how about some fun facts about the history of prom! Here is Faviana’s 8 Bizarre Facts About Prom You Didn’t Know!



1. Prom is short for Promenade

When proms were first introduced to schools in the late 1890’s to the early 1900’s, they were inspired by galas and debutante balls. So now everyone can have a special moment just like Blair and Serena at their debutante balls!


2. 62% of Prom Goers Will Keep Memorabilia

Yes, 62 percent of us prom goers hold onto something that reminds us of our special night. Whether it’s our outdated long prom dresses, the dried up corsage, or the cheesy picture your mother “made” you take, you’ve kept it for a reason. We love the nostalgic vibes, and they serve as great styling ideas for the future!


3. A corsage was originally referred to the bodice of a dress.

Women would often wear a small floral bouquet around their corsage, this later gave the flower gathering around one’s wrist its name, corsage. This didn’t become popular until the 20th century, first at weddings and later at dances.


4. Proms weren’t held nationwide until the 1930’s

Prom events started as socializing events, light refreshments and slow dancing under crepe paper streamers. The 1930’s it turned into a way for high schools to have a combo banquet dinner, and a musicians feature. And in 1936, The Junior-Senior Prom: Complete Practical Suggestions for Staging the Junior-Senior Prom was written, the first guide to planning a prom.


5. $1,078 is the average starting amount for prom

Chaaaa Ching, that’s right. Talk about a pretty penny spent. Between your prom dress, the shoes, the clutch, the hair, makeup, the tickets, the limo and the dinner, you tend to dish out more than most would ever guess. Don’t fret however, there are ways to save some money!


6. Susan Ford, daughter of President Gerald Ford threw her prom in the White House.

In 1975 Susan Ford was given permission to host her senior prom in the white house. Although the President was away in Europe, the prom event was chaperoned by the Secret Service. Sounds like a prom night for the books, doesn’t it!


7. A girl will try on 10 dresses before she finds the right one.

We just have to make sure it’s perfect, said every girl, everywhere. Since prom has been around for so long, there are so many more choices that come into picking a dress. You can spend weeks searching for the perfect dress and you will never know it’s the one, until you try it on.


8. Parents average 400 miles for prom endeavors

If you think about the trips to the prom dress store(s), going with your date to get his tux, alterations for your dress, hair done, nails done, everything done The miles start adding up. And they would do it all again, just for you to have your special night. Maybe you should think of a special ‘thank you’ for the rents?!

All crazy, right? Faviana loved sharing some blasts from the past and some cool facts. Let us know what you think about these fun facts! What is something that you think will go down in history from the 21 century prom shenanigans. We’d love to know! Let us know what you think by tagging us on our blog’s Instagram @glamandgowns, Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NY and Twitter @FavianaNY!



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