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8 Bizarre Facts About Prom You Didn’t Know


Here at Faviana, we LOVE prom. We love the glitz, the glamour, and the gowns that all together make for a beautiful night. We have you covered for the most up to date fashion trends and beauty ideas for the current prom season, but let’s see how good your knowledge is about prom with these bizarre facts.


1. Proms Were Not Always Extravagant

Photo Credit: Pinterest

When we think of proms we usually think of a fancy event with catered food, elegant dresses, and current fashion trends. While this is currently how proms look, that was not always the case. Prom did not turn into an extravagant event until the 1950’s with the economic boom which occurred after World War II.


2. 62% of Prom Goers Will Keep Memorabilia

Picture Credit: Pinterest

It’s true. 62 percent of prom goers hold onto something that reminds us of our special night. Whether it’s our outdated long prom dresses, dried up corsage, or the cheesy picture your mother “made" you take holding your father’s hand, you’ve kept it for a reason. We love the nostalgic vibes, and they serve as great styling ideas for the future!


3. 54% of Students Drink More Than 4 Drinks on Prom Night

Photo Credit: PicsWe

Despite being underage, students at prom have been shown to have more than 4 drinks on prom night. Not only is this dangerous when it comes to creating a safe environment for all students at prom, but it poses a safety risk for students as it increases the likelihood of drinking and driving.


4. Promposals Developed With The Rise of Social Media

Photo Credit: Stock Snap

Unless you live under a rock, you have probably seen a promposal video or picture on Twitter and Instagram. Most of the viral promposals are either really extravagant or creative and are done in an out of the box way. One of the best promposals I have seen was inspired by Disney’s “Tangled” and it says “Will you get Tangled at prom with me?”


5. Broadway Has a New Play Called “The Prom”

Photo Credit: Variety

“The Prom” on Broadway is about four former Broadway stars who are on the verge of losing their popularity. When they hear that an Indiana prom is having some troubles, they take it into their own hands when one student wants to bring her girlfriend to prom.


6. Miley Cyrus Didn’t Go To Prom

Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan

Former Disney Channel star Miley Cyrus was unable to go to prom because she was too busy filming her hit sitcom “Hannah Montana.”  At the CMT Awards in 2008, Cyrus said, “I should be [going to prom], but I’m not… I am shooting my movie during prom days, so I won’t be there.

7. Jon Bon Jovi Married His Prom Date

Photo Credit: Shared

Raise your hand if you had anxiety about finding a prom date. Most of us take our boyfriends to prom or someone we meet just to have had a date. It happens to be that singer Jon Bon Jovi, the girl he went to prom with ended up being his wife. Dorothea Hurley is the lucky girl that Jon Bon Jovi took to prom in which he later married in April of 1989.


8. The Prom Industry Makes $4 Billion Per Year

Photo Credit: The Future Of Commerce

Here we are looking through couch cushions to find some spare change while the prom industry makes roughly $4 billion dollars each year. That is an overwhelming number but not shocking considering the average prom dress costs between $300-500.

 What is something that you think will go down in history from proms held in our current generation? We’d love to know! Let us know what you think by tagging us on our blog’s Instagram @glamandgowns, Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NY and Twitter @FavianaNY.




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