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Prom Beauty Tips


Hey ladies, listen up! It’s prom crunch time, and that means it’s time to bring out our very best prom glam tips. From skin, to hair, to teeth, we have you covered for last minute fool-proof tips for looking and feeling your best at prom. Here are Faviana’s Prom Beauty Tips!

Tip #1: Get A Glow

The easiest way to create that natural looking “glow” is to get a good spray tan. If you choose to commit to the spray, make sure you get it done one to two nights prior to prom night. This will give your skin enough time to hold onto the good color while washing off the orange excess.

If this is your first time spray tanning, do not be alarmed at how orange you may seem at first. After a day or two and a shower, I promise your skin color will be looking like a sun-kissed goddess. If you plan to get your tan on yourself, check out all the in’s and out’s to self tanning in our 10 Steps to Look like a Greek Goddess.

If you are intimidated by a spray tan, or are looking to save money, try a lotion self-tanner. Start this process early; about one week in advance at the latest. To achieve this natural self tan, we are loving Jergens Natural Glow.

PRO TIP: If something goes terribly wrong, Dove bar soap can help remove your spray tan.

Tip #2: Whiten Your Teeth

With prom comes pictures, and with pictures comes smiling. You will be taking so many pictures your face will start to hurt. In order to look and feel your absolute best, throw a whitening strip on the night before prom to enhance the radiance in your smile. However, for a safer and longer lasting whiten experience we recommend using Crest White Strips, every day for two weeks prior to your event. Apply them after you brush your teeth at night for 30 minutes. Combine that with a whitening toothpaste and chew whitening gum whenever you think of it, and you will have a truly radiant smile come prom day.

PRO TIP: Lipsticks with blue undertones will help make your teeth look whiter than ever. If your dress can handle it, use a plum or cherry lip shade.

Tip #3: Check Your Self(ie)

When you think you are finally all ready, snap a few selfies in outdoor, natural lighting to make sure everything looks the way you want it to. These pictures will reassure you that your makeup is blended, your hair is in place, and your lipstick is in line. Your selfies will tell you if adding more highlighter or blush to your cheekbones is necessary or not. Kissy face selfies are fun, but remember to smile in a few of these pictures to double check that there is no lipstick on your teeth.

Tip #4: Set Your Makeup

Regardless of whether you choose to do your own makeup or get it professionally done, be sure to use a setting spray. This will keep your makeup looking fresh all night long, and reduce the number of touch-ups you need. It will also prevent you from getting oily, or sweating your makeup off. This will come in handy more than you realize and has been one of the best hidden secrets of make-up artists for years.  It is a relatively small investment to insure quality make-up, well into the night.

Tip #5: Reapplication Necessities

The setting spray works wonders but it cannot do it all. You must remember to bring your lipstick or lip-gloss to reapply throughout the night. You may also want to bring a mini hairspray and perfume to reapply as well. If your hair gets messed up on the party bus or even during the craziness of pre-prom, you will be glad you have the solution at your fingertips.

PRO TIP:  If your prom clutch is too tiny to pack with the whole universe of travel sized products then create an Emergency Assignment List of everything you could possibly need that night; gather five of your best girlfriends and assign one to two products per friend. This way, should any of you need anything throughout the night, you have got it covered while not having to carry everything yourself.

Keep these five beauty tips in mind, but the biggest tip I can give to you is to enjoy every second of it. Even if something does not turn out the way you planned, do not let it ruin your night. Prom will be a memory before you know it; make sure it’s a good one!

Do you have any prom beauty tips to share? Let us know by commenting below or by tagging us on Instagram @Faviana_NY & Twitter @FavianaNY.



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