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3 Short Hairstyles To Keep You Cool This Summer


Summer is upon us and if you are like me then you are probably looking for a cute short haircut that will keep you feeling cool and chic. The reason I usually hesitate about getting my hair cut short is because I don’t know how to do hairstyles it so I end up putting it in two little pig tails. Last year I went to a hairdresser who changed my outlook on short hair and not only gave me the perfect short haircut, but taught me three different ways to style it. I only know the very basics of hair care and I was able to pull off these styles with just a little heat, hair spray, and time.  

1. Beach Waves 

Photo Credit: AdriaOnline

Depending on how short your hair is, you might be able to do beach waves. If you have hair that falls past your ears, then you will likely be able to pull off these beautiful waves. The most common way to create beach waves is to use a flat iron and rock it back and forth down your hair. This is a good method for those who know how to use a straightening product correctly and won’t end up taking out locks of your hair like that girl in that YouTube tutorial. You know which girl I’m talking about. 

My hairstylist taught me a way to create these gorgeous beach waves in just 5 minutes without using any heat. Since I have dyed my hair pastel colors over the past few years, it is a little brittle so I am always looking for ways to refrain from using curling irons and hair straighteners. This technique works after you have washed your hair and it is still damp. Get your fingers and create little twists with different parts of your hair. Make sure you do it tight enough to where it will stay put when you let it go. This method requires your hair to air dry which is not only healthier for your hair, but will save you time. After about 30 minutes to an hour depending on how thick your hair is, you will see gorgeous waves that will look like you just came from a long relaxing day at the beach

2. Pulled Back Twist

Photo Credit: Bloglovin’

I love to wear my hair up, but sometimes I still want to show off the length without tucking it all behind my ears. This pulled back twist is perfect for those who want to get hair out of their faces while also keeping it cute and simple. This hairstyle is great because it does not require any heat which will keep your hair looking and feeling healthier. The steps to create this hairstyle include grabbing the section of hair around the temple that is around 3 inches thick, teasing the hair and the crown to add volume, twisting the sides together and then pinning them together. That might sound confusing, but Bloglovin’ has a quick three step tutorial with images that will help you achieve this look in no time!

3. Space Bun Hairstyles

Photo Credit: MayaLaMode

The great thing about space buns is that they work with both short and long hair. Space buns will make your hair look out of this world and the great thing is that they are easy to do. Instead of explaining how to make these space buns, here is a step-to-step tutorial demonstrates how to pull off this look with a comb, hair spray, bobby pins and hair ties. 

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