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4 Dreamy Hairstyles to Try


If you’re in need of some dreamy hair inspiration for an upcoming event, try one of the following feminine and whimsical hairstyles. From braids to loose and piecey styles, they are perfect to wear out for special events such as prom and homecoming.

If you are trying to achieve an overall dreamy ensemble, Faviana has you covered.  Read on below to see which dreamy style best fits your personality and occasion!

Braided Crown

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Braided crowns have become increasingly popular in recent years.  The visual of a halo inspired up-do is angelic and can be styled in many different ways.  Your braid can be simple or complex depending on your abilities and tutorial watching skills.  For a rolled out of bed, effortless appearance, keep the front sections of your hair unattached from the braid. You can slightly curl these loose strands to have them beautifully frame your face. Braided crowns are most commonly executed as up-dos but the possibilities are endless with half up, half down options as well.  To add some extra dreaminess to your hairdo, try intertwining colorful ribbon throughout the braid to add depth and interest.  If you want to maximize your look, you can also add sprigs of flowers or herbs to the final look.  Baby’s-breath is perhaps the most popular choice for added airy and feather-like texture.

Dreamy Loose Waves

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We see many celebrities float down red carpets with their hair flouncing behind them, creating a vision of effortlessness.  While we are not all equipped with styling teams, we can easily accomplish an ethereal aura through loosely curled hair. While there is some effort and time involved, the result will pay off in the end!  You can start off with tight curls that you comb through with your fingers or even use a straightening iron for less defined waves right from the start.  Styling your hair can sometimes be met with little reward due to unwanted humidity and frizz.  To combat this, make sure you add the right product for your hair type.  You can also create a half-up, half-down style to help maintain your waves.  Even if your hair is completely let down, add delicate and shiny hair accessories to hold back small sections around the crown of your head.  Your flowing locks will instantly mimic a carefree and bohemian style.

Warrior Braids

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If you have long hair and are planning on wearing an open/illusion back dress, this hairstyle will be an amazing focal point. There are many depictions of warrior braids. Whether three separate braids starting at the top of your scalp, two that merge into one, or two on either side of your head with tons of volume on top, they are all just as impactful. While it may look daunting to stylize, it is as easy as sectioning your hair and making braids within each of those sections. Small rubber hair ties will keep your hairstyle in tact so you can take on anything. Depending on your desired look, after securing each braid, you can keep your hair tight and compact or pull it out to a degree to expand the volume of each section. This style is truly unique and will help you evoke confidence; allowing you to stand out in a crowd. There is no doubt you will look like the leading lady and warrior princess of your fairy tale story.

Low Messy Bun

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A low bun is a classic hairdo that is easy for many to pull off. This sophisticated hairstyle is refined, and helps to pull back hair away from your face. While a tight ballerina bun may seem more practical for dancing the night away, a relaxed version will add an extra element of whimsy. Start your styling by fastening your hair into a low ponytail. Then, twist your ponytail and wrap it into a bun. You can securely hold your hair with Bobby pins tucked and hidden from sight and then play with slightly loosening it. By pulling and releasing some space or completely taking out a few strands, it quickly becomes a soft, dreamy, and romantic style. Whether the top of your hair is sleek or slightly messy, you can put on a dainty headband. This will help draw attention around your head and to the back to your bun.

Let us know your favorite dreamy hairstyles by tagging us on Instagram @glamandgowns, and Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana, Snapchat @Faviana_NY, and Twitter @FavianaNY. Also, check our new collection of prom dresses.


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