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4 Ways To Ask A Guy To Prom


Finding your prom dress is stressful, but sometimes finding a prom date can be even more stressful. Instead of waiting around for your crush or boyfriend to ask you, why don’t you ask them? It’s time to break gender barriers and man up ourselves. You probably aren’t going to ask them with chocolates, a stuffed animal, or flowers; so how do you ask a guy to accompany you? Here are 4 different ways to ask a guy to prom!

Ways To Ask A Guy To Prom #1: Parking Ticket

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If your special guy is a prankster and has a good sense of humor, then you’ll really get him with this promposal. Leaving him a fake parking ticket is a great way to get their attention in a cute, surprising, and funny way. You can either design your own ticket or print one that looks more real from the internet. Write the question on the paper, and slip it on the windshield of his car. He may seem scared or confused at first, but as soon as he gets to the question, we guarantee there will be a smile on his face! They’ll never expect that paper to be an invitation to prom, and most certainly will never forget it.

Ways To Ask A Guy To Prom #2: Sports Ball

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Perhaps your future prom date is an athlete and really into sports. This gives you the perfect opportunity to use the ball of the game and ask. For instance, if he likes or plays basketball, you can write “Prom?” on a basketball in black marker and bounce it in his direction. If he’s into baseball, write it on that and toss it his way. It may take him a few seconds to realize something is written on the ball. However, when he turns it over, he’ll be sure to toss you a “Yes!”

Ways To Ask A Guy To Prom #3: Balloon Note

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To really pop the question, ask him in a balloon. First, write a cute and flirty note asking him to prom. Stick it in a balloon, blow it up, and tie it shut. Write “Pop Me” on it, so your prom date will retrieve your note. Then, tie the balloon to his locker or car. Once he pops the balloon and finds what you wrote, he’ll come find you to give you a positive answer! You can also ditch the balloon and simply just slide your note to him the old fashion way.

Ways To Ask A Guy To Prom #4: Treasure Hunt

For those who are adventurous and creative, then put together a little scavenger hunt for your guy. This can take place around your town or in the school. Simply hide small clues in your designated areas, giving him directions on where to go next. Finally, meet him at the last location with a sign asking him to be your date. He’ll appreciate all of the time and thought that went into this promposal, he can’t say no!

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