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6 Cities for the Perfect Bachelorette Party


Every bride is different, and so are the important women who stand beside her on her wedding day. That is why you need to celebrate your bachelorette party with your best friends the right way before your big celebration.

When planning the perfect bachelorette party, you have to consider what the entire bridal party really enjoys. If everyone has a genuinely fun time, the night will instantly be a success. So whether your bridal party wants to party, or enjoy a nice time at the beach, we have a city to match your needs. Let’s put on our bridal sashes and cheers to these 6 cities for the perfect bachelorette party!

Bachelorette Party in Las Vegas

Bachelorette Party in Las Vegas
Source: Visit Las Vegas


It’s no surprise that Las Vegas is one of the leading cities to visit if you want to have a good time with your friends. Both halves of the bridal party, bridesmaids and groomsmen, love coming here and getting a taste of what casinos and nightclubs have to offer. If the bride likes to party, this city would be a great candidate.

You can start the weekend with a day of shopping and exploring the city. This would be a great opportunity to find the perfect party dress for the following days. Make sure to visit Fat Tuesday, a famous walk up daiquiri and cocktail bar that serves Mardi Gras themed frozen drinks. They are ice cold, so delicious, and the perfect accessory to the perfect “#Bachelorette Party in Las Vegas” photo. You get to keep the tall cups, too!

Bachelorette Party in San Diego

Bachelorette Party in San Diego
Source: Eagle Rider


For the bride who wants to spend a weekend on the beach, our next suggestion is San Diego. This gorgeous coastal city has many perks, including great food, perfect weather, and excellent beaches to capture your natural glow.

If you spend a weekend in San Diego for a bachelorette party, consider taking a wine tasting tour in the luxury of a limo or party bus. There’s nothing more fun than having a few drinks with the girls and being chauffeured around by a cute driver. If you want a cool place to visit for lunch or dinner, we highly suggest Mister A’s, one of the best dining spots in San Diego with killer views you can’t get anywhere else.

Bachelorette Party in New York City

Bachelorette Party in New York City


The concrete jungle can get a little crazy sometimes, but this city is suitable for a bride who has a luxurious side. There are upscale hotels available in NYC that will blow your mind and be a stellar start to a wonderful weekend filled with glitz and glamour.

For the bride who likes the arts, seeing a Broadway show is an absolute must. For a less traditional experience, stop by the world famous Ellen’s Stardust Diner where your waiters are incredible future-Broadway singers who serenade you during your meal. A great experience you’ll never forget! For the groups that have never been to New York City, don’t be afraid to embrace the inner-tourist in you. There are so many things to explore and experience from great NYC restaurants to great entertainment. 

Also, check out guide with best wedding venues in NYC.

Bachelorette Party in Denver

Bachelorette Party in Denver
Source: Langan

We all know that bride-to-be who loves mother Earth and the outdoors. The green city of Denver would be just the spot to have an adventurous and down to Earth bachelorette party with your bride. Just imagine starting your weekend with some gorgeous mountain views every morning, and an endless amount of activities to do.

For example, we love the Walking Food Tour that this city offers, the Board & Brush creative studio where you can create your very own wooden masterpiece. Just breathing in that fresh mountain air will set you up for a great day with your bachelorette squad.

Bachelorette Party in Chicago

Bachelorette Party in Chicago


Of course, how could we not mention the Windy City on our list? For the bride who loves culture, history, and authentic food made by people from all over the globe, this is a city worth the trip.

If there’s one thing Chicago knows how to do, it’s how to dine. A boat tour around the city might sound fun if you’re going with the whole family, but dinner cruises are what you will want to aim for with your bridesmaids. Ridiculously good food with gorgeous city views from the yacht of your choice. What about learning how to swim like a mermaid? That’s right, Chicago has it all, people. And just in case, we have a great collection of mermaid dresses

Bachelorette Party in Nashville

Bachelorette Party in
Source: Rachael Ray


This one is for all your country girls out there. Nashville, Tennessee makes the last spot on our list. This is a prime place for singing, drinking, and just having a plain old good time. The people in Nashville have that Southern hospitality that no one else does. This city is great for the bride who loves country, karaoke, and lots of live music to fill your soul.

Whether or not you are thinking of a city that may not be on our list, just remember to consider the bride’s preferences first. If the location chosen suits everyone’s idea of a fun time, then the bachelorette party should be a guaranteed success. Also, even if you might be planning the party yourself, it’s always a great idea to get everyone’s input and also get help if needed.

I am a DIY bride with my wedding date set in September. I’ve been planning my Colorado wedding from my home in Arizona with a little help from wonderful friends, family, and of course, my future hubby. Good luck in your wedding ventures!

Let us know which city you have had or will have your future bachelorette party at by tagging us on Instagram @glamandgowns, and Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana, Snapchat @Faviana_NY, and Twitter @FavianaNY. Also, don’t forget to browse our collection of bachelorette party dresses by Faviana.



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