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Your Guide to Beach Packing


Beach packing can be hard because you don’t want to bring too much, but you also don’t want to forget anything. We developed a checklist with exactly what to bring for some fun in the sun this summer. Here is your guide to beach packing!

Beach Packing: Clothes

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The first step to packing for the beach is deciding what to wear. It’s always a good idea to wear your bathing suit underneath your clothes so you don’t have to worry about changing when you get to the beach. Coordinate your bikini or one piece swimsuit with your cover up for the ultimate chic style! Your cover up can be beach shorts, an over-sized t-shirt, or a sun dress. The key is finding attire that is easy to slip on and off. If you plan on going out after your beach adventure, then don’t forget to pack a nice outfit and undergarments!

Beach Packing: Accessories

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After you have your clothes down, it’s time to decide on your beach accessories. Think of your outfit, and see if your favorite sunhat or baseball cap will match. For a simpler look, simply wear or pack a pair of sunglasses. Any accessories that produce shade and protect you from the sun are the best beach accessories! As far as shoes go, you want to choose a pair that’s easy to slide on and off. We suggest wearing sandals, flip flops, or pool slides. When you’re off the sand and going out, you can pack and switch to a fancier shoe! With that being said, don’t forget to bring a credit card, your I.D., and some cash with you in a small card case. Pack all of your beach items in a fashionable beach bag, and you’ll be set.

Beach Packing: Healthcare

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A day at the beach won’t be fun unless you take proper health measures. No one enjoys getting sunburned, being in pain, or getting hurt. That’s why it’s important to pack the following! We love to tan with oil and lotions, but make sure you also pack a sunscreen with SPF to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. Your lips can be burned too, so be sure to have a SPF lip balm handy as well. In addition to sun sprays, it’s also smart to bring bug spray to stop sand bugs from getting on you. To avoid tan lines and remain cool, pack a couple of hair ties to keep your hair up. If you’re going out afterwards, then it’s definitely a good idea to pack deodorant, perfume, and a hair brush!

Beach Packing: Equipment

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Last but not least, you’ll need proper beach equipment to survive the day. This includes a beach towel or blanket, chairs, and an umbrella to set up camp. Water and healthy snacks are a must to stay nourished, so consider bringing some sort of cooler to keep these in. If you’re all about the water, then don’t forget fishing poles, floats, goggles, snorkels, and fins. If you’d rather lay in the sun, then we suggest a good book, a portable phone charger, and a Bluetooth speaker for music. There are countless activities to do at the beach, which means there are countless items to pack. Know what you plan on doing beforehand and pack according!

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