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7 Essential Items To Keep In Your Gym Bag


Going to the gym is a habit that, once developed, is enjoyable and beneficial for our bodies. Working out helps us keep in shape and also elevates our mood and morale. However, you must be fully equipped and prepared before hitting the gym in order to have the most efficiency in your workouts. Bringing essential items to keep in your gym bag is important for any regular gym goer. These seven items are absolute must have items to keep in your gym bag. 

Source: Odyssey

1. Extra T-Shirt

There are many items to keep in your gym bag and a t-shirt is one you shouldn’t forget. Hygiene comes first! Working hard in the gym will naturally lead to heavy perspiration, and in such situations, carrying an extra T-shirt becomes a necessity instead of an option. Long workouts especially require one, so that we can change when we take a break from our workout routine. Carrying a spare sweat-wicking T-shirt also gives us an alternative in case of wear and tear of our original T-shirt. Also, wearing fresh clothes instead of wet or damp ones provides a psychological boost for us and motivates us to work harder. These reasons make a spare T-shirt a useful item to have in a gym bag.

2. First Aid

Working out is an intense and exhausting activity. A fitness freak has a high hormonal activity while exercising which leads to exuberance and enthusiasm during the workout session. When overdone, it can lead to injuries. This is why general first aid such as band-aids, relief spray and ointment are essential items to keep in your gym bag. Injuries are not out of place in a gym, and they can be treated with the right medical equipment at the right time. Having first aid handy in the bag never hurt anybody!

3. Drinkables

Source: Healthline

Hydration is important for our body, and carrying plenty of water is crucial during workouts. Not only does staying hydrated keep your energy levels up, but it keeps your joints lubricated so you don’t have pain during your reps! Other liquids can help, too, such as a healthy fruit juice (preferably without added sugar), to boost your metabolism with nutrition. The water content in our body is important, and bodily fluids must be replenished from time to time. Water and fruit juices both help with this task. Also, 30 minutes after a workout, a protein shake is essential for your body in order to give your muscles the raw materials to heal quicker. Brands like MyProtein offer a wide variety of flavours. These fluids, if carried, can improve workout efficiency of a gym goer.

4. Gym Accessories

Minor accessories such as bands and skipping rope, which is not too heavy to carry and is useful in a workout plan, can be carried in our bags. Personal items which come only in our contact are more hygienic so you can avoid using gym equipment which might be loaded with bacteria. Personal benefit is considered here, and though carrying individual accessories can add to the weight, it is an option in order to improve the hygienic conditions for workouts.

5. Headphones

Source: Cabot Health

Who doesn’t love grooving to music? A catchy beat can have you working out harder and more efficiently than ever. Having a pair of earphones in your gym bag is useful as the mood for good music calls without warning, and having earphones handy is the solution to this call. Music also stirs emotions within us, and a good workout can become a great workout with good music playing to feed our soul.  Earphones are also used as a hands-free way to chat so you can work out on the treadmill without compromising on work and answer an important call.

6. Deodorant

Perspiration is a part of an effective workout. If one works sweats, it is a proof of the intensity of their workout. However, excessive sweating can lead to body odor, and a change of T-shirt isn’t always enough to solve this problem. Carrying a deodorant stick is crucial to hygiene and avoiding the stench of body odor immediately after a workout. Deodorant sticks or spray are a spot-on solution to body odor after a workout, and having one is crucial in order to maintain public hygiene after an intense workout session. Carry a soap, preferably organic like the African Black soap, to gently cleanse your skin after each workout.

7. Towel

Source: Laundry Bubble

Carrying a towel is one of the most important elements to a gym kit, and it is necessary for both personal and public hygiene. You should not let your sweat stay on the gym equipment. It should be wiped away with a towel from time to time, as this is necessary for public sanitation. Also, using a towel for an outdoor workout when there isn’t any air conditioning and the temperatures are sweltering is essential to keep your sweating in check.

These 7 items to keep in your gym bag are a must have when heading to the gym. They are handy, important and cover all categories: hygiene, health, and entertainment.  A well thought out gym bag comes equipped with all the stuff we may need at any point in time. It’s a good practice for anybody who is dedicated and willing to put in some hours in the gym.



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