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Cute Ugly Christmas Sweaters


The Christmas season is full of family, joy, and of course, Christmas parties. Some may opt for a holiday cocktail dress and holiday nails, but others may go for a different approach. Especially if you’re invited to an ugly Christmas sweater party, we got you covered. Here is where to find cute ugly Christmas sweaters that you’ll actually enjoy wearing!

Cute Ugly Christmas Sweaters at Forever 21

Photo Credit: Forever 21

Our favorite store, Forever 21, has a ton of super cute sweaters for a super low price! The store can be a little hectic, so find exactly what you’re looking for online. You can get a Christmas sweater in the color of your choice, rocking a red, blue, or millennial pink. Then choose how crazy you want your sweater to be. They have one with a penguin which is adorable to wear on any occasion. On the other hand, you can find a reindeer sweater with 3D ornaments, perfect for an ugly Christmas sweater party. To go neutral, find a Disney-themed sweater here, such as a Mickey Mouse design with Christmas trees and snowflakes! All range from $12-$14.

DIY Cute Ugly Christmas Sweaters

The best way to ensure an ugly Christmas sweater will look good and cute on you is to make it yourself! Lucky for you, it’s a whole lot easier than it looks since there’s no wrong way to make one. Simply find a sweater, sweatshirt, or long-sleeve shirt in the style and color of your choice. Then, choose a Christmas design or figure that represents you best! For example, you can easily recreate this Christmas tree in a few simple steps. Try using actual Christmas decorations such as ribbon, bows, and small ornaments to decorate yourself. If you resemble a Christmas tree, then you got the right idea!

Cute Ugly Christmas Sweaters at H&M

Another store that we frequently shop at has an even greater selection, H&M! You can dress up as Santa Claus or a reindeer with their strategically-placed design sweaters. If you want to bring some humor into the holiday, they have an array of sweaters with fun sayings and animals such as “Tree Rex” or “Feliz Navidog.” Of course, H&M also has a standard sweater with classic snowflakes, snowmen, presents, stockings, and candy canes. We see a theme of colors of red, navy, green, and white to enhance the Christmas spirit! These sweaters sell for $13-25 online.

DIY Cute Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Another fun DIY sweater is dressing up as your favorite Christmas character! Try recreating a reindeer with just a few simple supplies. Wear either a black or tan sweater, pairing it with your favorite black leggings. Then cut out white circles for the eyes, making a simple pupil with a small black circle inside. Use a big piece of red fabric or a red balloon for the nose, and stick it on in the center. Congratulations, you are now a cute Rudolph!

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