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DIY Choker Necklaces


Choker necklaces have been trending and are a must this season! Celebs, influencers, bloggers, and runway models have been rocking this look lately, and it is clear that this 90’s trend is back in style! Whether you are trying to go for a chic or an edgy look, they make a great addition to any outfit! I fell in love with this trend, and decided to start making my own to save money. I would get so many compliments from friends and random people at school when I wore them, so I decided to create my own choker jewelry design business! With the right materials, they are very simple to make. The best part is that you can create different looks with different types of fabrics, so this accessory can be worn every season and can be custom made to match every outfit. This is such a cute and affordable holiday gift for your friends and family! I am going to teach you how to make your own! In four easy steps, you will have a super cute and trendy choker necklace.

You will need:

-10 inches of the fabric of your choice. Living in the heart of the Garment District in New York City, finding fabric is not a hard task for me. You can get some good fabrics from chain craft stores such as Jo-Ann, Michaels, and AC Moore. I currently really like the velvet and lace chokers! Velvet is a nice warm material ideal for fall and winter, where lace is nice and airy for spring and summer. But the trend is always changing, so choose your favorite!


-Lobster Claws

-Jump Rings

-Clasps (size depending on how thick the fabric is)

I get my lobster claws, jump rings, and clasps online, usually from Amazon, but there are many other places you could purchase them from! Shop around to see what works for you!

Step one: Cut the fabric in a 10 inch- long strip. This is the standard size, but can vary depending on how wide your neck is!

Step two: Next, you are going to use your plyers to attach the clasps to each end of the fabric. Do this very lightly, because you don’t want to dent the clasps.

Step three: Once the clasps are attached to the fabric, use your plyers to attach the jump rings to the clasp on one end.

Step four: Attach the lobster claw to the other end of the choker.

And you’re done! 

Pair your choker necklace with an off-the-shoulder style dress. Faviana style 11041 in black would look awesome with a thick black velvet choker! This dress features an off-the-shoulder, flowy lace overlay top that leads into a fit and flare skirt, which looks amazing on every body type! This comfortable, jersey dress is available in black, cloud blue, ivory, and red! Bring a little edge to this cute, boho-style dress with your hand-made, black velvet choker necklace!

We hope you enjoyed this DIY choker necklace tutorial! In four easy steps, you will have created a super stylish accessory that can go with almost every look! If you’re loving this trend as much as we do, and decide to make your own choker necklace, make sure to tag us in your pictures on social media on our blog’s Instagram @glamandgowns, or Faviana’s Instagram @faviana_ny and Twitter @FavianaNY! Also, check out my choker necklace business Instagram @caenyc_! Good luck!



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