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Dreamy Makeup Looks for Your Next Event


The word ‘party‘ or ‘event’ brings a big smile and a bright glow to every girls face. There’s nothing like buying a new outfit, eating delicious food, drinking fancy drinks, and of course, spending the night with good company. You just purchased the perfect party dress, now it’s time to choose your makeup. If you want to stand out, or just let your natural beauty shine through, give one of these dreamy makeup looks a try for your next event.

Make it POP in Peach

Source: Pinterest

Peachy-pink is our go-to makeup look for seriously any event. No matter what you’re wearing, you can’t go wrong with this shade, because it “pops” on every skin tone. Take various shades of peach, apricot, and light pink as you apply makeup throughout your eyes. Apply these shades all over your eyelid from the outer corner towards the inner, taking the shades slightly above the crease. Sweep a little bit of color under your bottom lash line to ensure the look stands out. It’s important to keep these colors persistent and sheer throughout your face to nail this look. Instead of your usual pink blush, try a light peach instead. Apply the blush to the tops of your cheek bones, blending slightly outward for a crisp look. Lastly, to top it off, add a few light coats of dreamy coral lipstick.

Light up the Night

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Make highlighter your best friend for the night. To conquer this look, do a natural contour defining your nose, forehead, chin, and cheekbones. After, go in with your highlighter to offset your contouring by accentuating the areas of your face that naturally catch the light. The best way to apply highlighter is by using your finger, and then patting and blending it. Apply it to the bridge of your nose, top of your brows, cupids bow, and most importantly, your cheekbones. If you’re feeling extra bright, try adding a silver or shimmer eye shadow along your tear ducts. This makeup look will leave you radiantly glowing as you pose for your next Instagram post!

Shimmer & Shine

Source: Glossier


Be bold and make a statement with glitter. This used to be a makeup look we would only see on New Year’s Eve, but celebrities and influencers are making this look totally main stream and we love it. The most common way to add some shimmer & glitter to your makeup look is your eyes. A thick coat of gold glitter eyeshadow, with a winged eyeliner makes a red carpet statement. Instead of your normal lipstick or lip gloss with built in shimmer, try doing a light pink gloss, then add your own layer of sparkle on top. You can purchase your own loose shimmer powder, or shimmer cream at your local beauty or drug store, and add as much or little sparkle to your look as you’d like. If you’re really loving the shimmer trend, the perfect way to top off your shimmer look is with a shimmer stick. This adds dreamy shimmer to any part of your body, chest, legs, and arms- the shimmer looks are endless!

Dreamy, Simple, Chic

Maybe you’re more simple, or you just don’t have the time to do an extravagant look. Opting for a natural makeup look that will subtly enhance your natural beauty is always the answer. First things first - you should even out your skin tone by using a tinted moisturizer. Next, define your eyes. If you have light eyes, it’s best to add neutral light tones to your lids, considering you don’t need to rely on bright colors to make your eyes pop. If you have darker eyes, it’s best to dust your lids with a pop- color, like blue, violet or silver. Take an eyeshadow brush to dust the shade across your entire eyelid up to the crease, then toward the inner corners of your eyes and up to your brow bone. To add more definition to your eyes, add a thin line of black eyeliner. Mascara is essential in completing this look, because let’s be real, everyone looks better with longer lashes. Add a few coats of pure black mascara to both your top and bottom lashes. Lastly, pick a lip color that gives your lips a subtle pop, but still sticks to your natural look.

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