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Dresses for Sorority Events


If you are heading to college soon and thinking of joining a sorority and don’t know what the different events are and which is the dress code, don’t fret! Here at Faviana, we have gathered a list of the best and most appropriate dresses for sorority events, whether you are a new freshman or a returning sister. We’ll help you get ready in no time, so you can have the most fun at each of your chapter’s events. Here are the dresses for sorority events!

Dresses for Sorority Events: Formal

The most important sorority event is definitely formal. It really is like high school homecoming, but more fun since you are probably feeling more relaxed and loose. Formals can be themed, just as prom and homecoming, so this is your opportunity to get totally glam! Choose a dress that makes you feel amazing among your sisters, whether you decide to match or you want to be the complete center of attention.

If you are leaning for the latter option, try Faviana Style 7924, a sparkling white structured gown with shiny gold symmetric lines and a tasteful thigh slit, halter neckline and show-stopping open back. Wear your hair up or to the side to expose it, minimal golden jewelry and be ready to party sisterhood style!

Semi-Formal Event

Semi-formal, as you can tell by its name, are more casual events and as such you don’t have to go completely formal and wear long dresses or full skirts. Wear a pretty short dress, something similar to what you would wear to a cocktail party. Go for something classy, without lots of sparkles and comfortable.

If you want to look dressed up and well put together, try Faviana Style 7851 which can be easily dressed up or down. With a flowy skirt and sexy lace-up back, it is easy to style this dress to fit any occasion. Pair it with your favorite strappy heels and a pretty clutch. If your semi-formal is outside, use more comfortable shoes, like wedges.

Social Sorority Event

Social is somewhat different at every college or university, but they are always about being, well, social. Your chapter can use a social event to join up with a fraternity to have a themed social or a “grab-a-date” where you can bring anyone you want as a date instead of going with a specific fraternity. As such, this is a good opportunity to use a dress that’s a little less formal, more stylish and sexy!

For this, Faviana Style S7866! This two-piece dress features an edgy beaded bust and a fitted jersey skirt with beading on the edge. The black and bronze sequin top has a beautiful lace-up back that pairs perfectly with the high-waisted jersey skirt. The best part about this style is that you can re-wear it by mixing and matching the top and skirt with other clothing items to create many different looks!

Sisterhood Event Dresses

This types of events are for sisters only! No other sororities, fraternities or outsiders are invited. Sisterhood events can go from pretty low-key like a sleepover or a visit to a theme park or more glam, if you want. We think some great opportunities to have more put together sisterhood events is if you celebrate Galentine’s Day (Valentine’s day for you and your sisters!) or Friendsgiving (a thanksgiving celebration for friends instead of family).

If you want to look soft and sweet try Faviana Style 7865. This light pink two piece will make you feel like a princess, with its beautiful rhinestones along the top and skirt. Silver heels and soft framing waves would look lovely with this style to spend the evening bonding with your sisters!

So here they are, our favorite dresses for sorority events! What do you think? What is your favorite sorority event? Are you part of one or planning to join? Let us know by tagging us on our Instagram @glamandgowns, and Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana and Twitter @FavianaNY. Also, add us on Snapchat @faviana_ny to learn all about the Faviana lifestyle, along with following our YouTube channel for fun vlogs!



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