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4 Easy Feminine Hairstyles You Can Do By Yourself


You completed the perfect feminine makeup on your face, and now it’s time to frame it with the best feminine hairstyle. Here we’re looking for flowy, natural looks that scream “femme” and show off those beautiful locks. Next time you want to try a new style, try these 4 easy feminine hairstyles!

Feminine Hairstyle #1: Curly Flicks

Feminine Hairstyle #1: Curly Flicks
Photo Credit: Kassinka

This hairstyle works for both long hair and short hair, and can be done in various ways. Especially if you have straight locks, this is perfect to add some body and curls. You can easily achieve a “flick” effect by just blow-drying your hair or using a straightener. Start at the roots, and flip the hair up at the ends with the heating tool of your choice. If you want bigger and more retro curls, then opt for heated hair rollers or a large curling iron. Either one will ensure you get a boost of volume and enhance your feminine self by showcasing your beautiful locks down!

Feminine Hairstyle #2: Bangs

For the ultimate femininity (and bravery), try out some bangs! This proves that you are not afraid of trying anything. Bangs are a huge commitment since you must keep up with regular haircuts, or wait a while for them to grow out again into your normal hair length. Still, we love how it looks no matter how you style your hair. Depending on your own style, you can get straight-across bangs, or chic side-swept bangs. Play around with this hairstyle, wearing the rest of your hair down or up, straight or curly. Either way, it makes for a great feminine finish!

Feminine Hairstyle #3: Side Pony

Traditional ponytails hide the length of your hair at the back of your head. Therefore, an alternative to showcase your feminine locks is to rock a side pony! A ponytail on the side gives an illusion that you hair is down, yet it is all maintained in one place. This feminine hairstyle works best with off-the-shoulder outfits, along with any asymmetrical piece. Be sure to pick the side that either goes with your hair part or your attire. You can also play with this style by having your hair pin straight, wavy, or curly. We prefer tousled curls and hair strands that frame your face!

Feminine Hairstyle #4: Loose Waves

Our last feminine hairstyle idea is the traditional loose waves. This is a go-to, popular look since it’s the easiest and most natural looking. It’s perfectly adaptable for any occasion or season, whether you want more relaxed waves or fuller and more defined ones. Achieve this look effortlessly by sleeping in braids, scrunching your hair with mousse, or applying a texturizing sea salt spray! If you have more time, you can create these beach waves with a barrel curling iron or wand.

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