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Flattering Halloween Costume Ideas for Curves


Everyone deserves to feel and look their best on every occasion. On Halloween especially, you’re not limited to a certain Halloween look or style. No matter what your size or shape is, there are plenty of options that will make you look beautiful and spooky. Get in the holiday spirit and check out these flattering Halloween costume ideas for curves!

Prom Queen Zombie

Photo Credit: Torrid

What better way to show off your curves than in the beautiful dress you wore for prom? Easily turn your prom dress into a Halloween costume by transforming into a prom queen zombie. Splatter washable red paint all over your body and attire, and create a dramatic and pale face. Add your own sash and tiara along with a messy hairstyle to complete the look. This is the perfect DIY plus size costume, feeling nothing but sexy and scary. An ideal dress for a curvy body shape that can be transformed into a Halloween costume is Faviana Style 9411.

Ursula Costume Ideas for Curves

Photo Credit: Torrid

If you’re a huge The Little Mermaid fan but want to ditch the mermaid look, there are still other characters to choose from. Try a plus size Halloween costume as the villain, Ursula. Wear a body-hugging dress such as Faviana Style 9430, accenting your figure with a  flowy bottom. Pair the dress with fishnet stockings and black heels, showing your bad-self. Create an easy, messy up-do and go to town on your best makeup. People will fear you, but will also want to be you!

Galaxy Girl

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

Galaxy print has been all over the place this year, so why not be an actual galaxy girl? This is a great plus size women’s costume, showcasing your curves and flattering your body type. The metallic silver will ensure that you shine throughout the night and standout amongst your friends. Try pairing the ensemble with black tights and grey or silver shoes. You’ll not only look cute, but you’ll stay warm and comfy, too!

Flapper Costume Idea

Photo Credit: Yandy

Let’s take it back to the 1920’s, where unstoppable fashion statements and fun times were made. Especially with The Great Gatsby, we can pretend to live in the era by dressing up as a flapper. This plus size women’s costume allows you to wear a short dress that’s flattering to your body type, such as Faviana Style 9410, and then go crazy with accessorizing. Wear a pearl necklace, a feather headband, gloves, and most importantly, a feather boa. You get to feel free and happy in this look, expressing your true and fun self!

Cowardly Lion

Photo Credit: Amazon

You’re going to see numerous animals and creatures for Halloween. A great way to be unique is picking a different animal from your favorite movie. We all know Dorothy and may have even dressed up as her before, but what about the cowardly lion from The Wizard of Oz? The soft fitting of this plus size costume will give you and the character the recognition deserved. Unleash your animal side with this fuzzy attire!

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