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Glamorous Hairstyles You Must Try


We all want to look as glamorous as possible on our big special day. Here are some glamorous hairstyles that will compliment your glamorous dress. You’ll be shocked when you read how easy it is to achieve these glamorous looks!

Glamorous, Voluminous Curls

Nothing screams glamorous hair more than big, voluminous curls. You’ll look and feel like a movie star with this hairstyle. Anyone can achieve this look with a curling iron, some teasing, and a lot of hairspray. To get this look simply start by giving yourself a dramatic side part. Surprisingly, just changing your part alone will make you feel like a different person. Then, curl your hair with a three inch curling iron. The bigger the curling iron, the bigger the curls! Try alternating the movement of curling for each section for a natural feel. For example, you once you are at the bottom of the section, either twist the wand underneath or outward and up. Next, tease behind the curls to give them some extra body. Spray with a lot of hairspray for extra hold, and you’re done!

Curly Up-Do

Source: Brit

Looking to wear your hair up for your next glamorous event? This up-do is perfect for those with naturally curly hair. This style comes off as effortless, yet glamorous and looks great with dresses that have a high neck or with an intricate back that you want to show off. To start off, simply section your hair. Secure each section by pinning them to the back of your head.  You can overlap sections so then you can hide your Bobby pins under layers of hair. For added pop, allow some wiggle room for volume on top of your head.  The more volume and texture, the more glam you’ll achieve!

Slicked Back Hair

Source: Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan


A new trend we’ve been seeing all over the Red Carpet lately is the slicked back, straight hair look. The best part about this glamorous hairstyle is that you can easily achieve it for your next big event! First, straighten your hair so that it is pin straight. Then, you’ll need a comb and gel to comb the product from the top of you head all the way to end of you hair. To achieve a textural and tousled look, use a wide tooth comb. Comb over your middle part, so you do not have a part and a bit of volume. We can thank Kendall Jenner for making this look so popular. For a more refined and pristine look, use a regular comb followed by a finishing comb to smooth your hair out completely.

French Girl Ponytail

Source: Vogue and Pinterest

The French seem to have all aspects of their lives perfected to an art, and their hair is no exception.  Far from casual, the “French ponytail” is a polished and sleek option.  Slick your hair back into a mid to high positioned ponytail.  Before styling your locks, take a small section and wrap it around your hair tie to conceal it.  Secure this section by pinning it into the back of the hair tie hidden under the ponytail. Next, you can either curl the ends of your ponytail under for a bob-type look or outward for a 60’s mod feel. With your hair pulled back from your face and volume in your ponytail, you will add a bit of French glamour into the room.

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