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How To Look Luxe for Less


We all want to look luxe for less, since clothing from our favorite designers and brands can be super expensive. All it takes is some key fashion pieces from your wardrobe, styled correctly, and then you’re set. Ms. Faviana is here to share her tips on how to look luxe for less!

Blazer Look Luxe for Less

Whether you’re European or not, you can rock a structured blazer like Eve! She loves the nice silhouette and the finished look it gives you. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt, or a dress with knee-high boots. You’ll look super upscale effortlessly by wearing this!

Brooches and Pins

Secondly, a badge, pin, or brooch is perfect for showing off your personality! It can be silver, gold, pearl, or any shade to fit your style. There are many cute colors and shapes, pairing perfectly with any outfit. Check out Etsy or you local boutique for these! Then, put them on your blazer or blouse for the ultimate luxe look.

Have A Clean Manicure

Chipped manicures can look cheap and not that appealing. That’s why the key to looking luxe for less is always having a clean manicure. Chipping is inevitable, however we can prevent this with proper nail care and the right nail polish. We suggest OPI’s and gels that last the longest, which will overall save you money.

Wear Delicate Jewelry

Eve also loves delicate jewelry that’s not too over the top. An everyday, professional look should be a minimal pair of earrings, ring, or necklace. It’s really beautiful and simple, not to mention will add to your luxe look.

Choose Nude Lipsticks

If you’re trying to do a more polished look, then ditch the red and bold lipstick shades. Eve suggests a nude lipstick, since it goes with everything, and you can choose between matte and gloss. Whatever suites you and showcases your luxe self best!

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