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6 Ways How to Rock a Scrunchie This Prom


That’s right – the scrunchie is back! And what better way to rock a scrunchie than at prom? Though it’s a favorite 90’s accessory, you don’t have to make your style look over 20 years old. Here we put together 6 ways how to rock scrunchie hairstyle this prom season!

How to Rock a Scrunchie with a Top Knot

Scrunchie with a Top Knot
Photo Credit: Twist Me Pretty

This prom hairstyle combines the famous top knot with our beloved scrunchie. Working best with curly hair, it’s quick and easy to do. Just throw your hair up in a messy bun that sits right on top of your head, and wrap your favorite scrunchie around it.

How to Rock a Scrunchie with a Sock Bun

Scrunchie with a Sock Bun
Photo Credit: Self

A fancier and neater bun hairstyle is this ballerina-inspired look, is perfect for Faviana style 11002.  The sock bun is simple yet elegant and allows you to match your scrunchie to your dress color. This style works best for longer hair, and for those ladies who enjoy their hair off their neck!

How to Rock a Scrunchie with a Side Braid

Scrunchie with a Side Braid
Photo Credit: Twist Me Pretty

Braided hairstyles are always popular for prom. But did you ever think to tie it off with a scrunchie? Start by braiding the side of your head, and then decide if you want a bun or ponytail. Secure your style with a big scrunchie instead of a rubber band, and you’re set! Side braid hairstyles fit best with off-the-shoulder gowns.

How to Rock a Scrunchie with a Behind Braid

Scrunchie with a Behind Braid
Photo Credit: Twist Me Pretty / Self

Besides the side braid, you can also rock a classic braid behind with a scrunchie. Make the scrunchie the focus of your look by styling it around the end of a cool braid of your choice. This can be a fishtail braid, a dutch braid, or a braided ponytail. Pair your simple hairdo with elegant Faviana long prom dresses.

How to Rock a Scrunchie with a High Pony

Scrunchie with a High Pony
Photo Credit: Self

Rocking a ponytail to the side screams 90’s. However, rocking a sleek back ponytail screams prom! Especially if you have long or thick hair, you’re going to want it out of your face. Try tying back your hair in a high ponytail with a scrunchie. It’ll be visible enough to stand out, while making a cold-shoulder dress also completely visible!

How to Rock a Scrunchie with a Half-Up Style

Half up half down is a popular hairstyle, especially since there are so many different ways to wear it. If you’re deciding on this one, choose to pair it with a scrunchie and a mermaid dress. This can be a half up bun, as messy or perfect as you like, or a ponytail.

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