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International Beauty Tips That’ll Change Your Beauty Game


There is a sense of uniqueness when it comes to how women in different countries and continents view and approach beauty. As the world is one big melting pot, especially thanks to the digital age and countless online platforms, we now have the opportunity to snag beauty secrets from wherever we are. That is exactly what we’ll be doing today. If there are international beauty trends that can completely spice up and reinvent our beauty game, why not take advantage of it? 

International Beauty

Last year, it was estimated that beauty is a $445 billion industry. Judging by the full carts in online stores, as well as brick-and-mortar ones such as Sephora, Ulta and other renowned high-end and drugstore establishments, it may even seem that investing in beauty has trumped investing in fashion. After all, it seems like every week there is a new palette or a foundation launch, a new illuminator or bronzer, or a completely innovative product that will improve our skin by 526%. And we love it! We crave those products and can’t rest until we’ve gotten our hands on them.

A surprise twist in Korea

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South Koreans are known for their glossy straight hair. It appears that the beachy waves trend isn’t enough for these beauties, so they’ve taken their hairstyle game to a new, or better yet, old playing field. Apparently, the interest in getting a perm has spiked by a whopping 205% in the last twelve months. Granted, the ‘80s vibes have been overflowing the runways, but we didn’t think they would extend to hairstyles as well. Well, it was certainly a fun decade, and a perm, when done well, can completely transform your face, your look and overall vibe. So if you’re not scared of taking the plunge, go ahead and follow in the Koreans footsteps.

Hydration ruling the nation

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Australian girls have always put protection first. Their sun-kissed glow doesn’t just come from the immense number of sunny days on the continent. Now, there are two things that Aussie girls are highly aware of. One is that those dangerous UVA and UVB rays never rest, so if you don’t want wrinkles, use a broad spectrum sunblock all year round. This doesn’t apply only to the sunny Land Down Under – we could all stand to be a tad more protective of our skin. The other point of awareness is the importance of nourishment and hydration. The sun tends to dry out the skin, which is exactly why an Aussie’s secret weapon is a super effective active hydration serum. These serums penetrate the epidermis and go straight into protecting and replenishing the dermis. Of course, locking the epidermis in moisture is equally important, but if your skincare routine is short of a serum, you are definitely missing out.

The return of the blush

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Makeup artist extraordinaire – Pat McGrath once said that blush is the most underrated product in the makeup arsenal. She added that “it’s the fastest way to create the illusion of those high cheekbones we all lust after,” and it also gives us that healthy flush that conceals rough days and makes us look fresh and healthy. We don’t know whether the women of Japan have been listening to McGrath, but the Harajuku blush trend has certainly come back. The pale skin glass of Japanese girls is now adorned with a hint of that perfect pink blush. And we have to admit, in the midst of the contouring frenzy, we have forgotten what a fresh, nicely flushed face looks like. This is definitely a product we need to bring back to our vanities, ASAP.

If they can do it, so can we

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Yet another international beauty trend focuses on healthy skin. Have you ever noticed how, despite the harsh weather conditions, Scandinavian girls always look so fresh and glossy from their hair to skin and makeup. Everything looks effortlessly impeccable, so what’s the secret? A holistic approach to skincare. What does that actually entail? Well, caring for what you bring into your body, turning to superfoods, and drinking plenty of water are just some of the factors. Others include regular exercise and finally, a religious or spiritual approach to their skincare regimen. Topical solutions, as pricey and effective as they are, can never beat a healthy lifestyle, and thank goodness we are slowly turning the leaf and adopting healthier lifestyle habits.   

If you want it, invest in it

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French girls seem nonchalant, but make no mistake, they take skincare incredibly serious. Aside from being faithful to their long-term skincare brands that always deliver, a typical French girl will not shy away from spending a great deal on different facials and other treatments, sometimes as frequently as once a week. Yes, beauty does come with a price tag, and as diligent as we are with our skincare, there is simply something that professional hands do better than we can, and French girls are aware of that. Their minimal makeup comes as a result of dedication to healthy skin, and we could all learn to invest a little more into care, especially international beauty skincare, and less into makeup.

The most powerful weapon

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Brazil has two tips for us: lashes and red lips. That’s all you really need to look stunning. Take care of your skin so it’s completely flawless, and hence doesn’t require a great deal of coverage. So, perhaps we should all stop trying to recreate all of the difficult to achieve YouTube makeup tutorial looks and stick to the traffic-stopping basics. Master the art of applying falsies, or if the gods of beauty have been kind to you, just resort to a great mascara. Also find that matte red lipstick that will bring out the powerful, stunning vamp goddess in you. Apparently, the saying is true – sometimes less really is more.

We hope you have noted all of this down. Use it as your cheat-sheet and abide by these international beauty rules. These women are gorgeous, so we might as well follow suit.

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