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The Secrets to Feminine Makeup


A feminine makeup look is actually easier to achieve than we think. It’s all about experimenting with the proportions of your face and emphasizing the most femme features we have. Here, we uncovered for you the secrets to feminine makeup and easy ways to feminize your face!

How to Make Your Face Look More Feminine?

Feminine Makeup Secret #1: Lift Your Brows

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Especially these days, it’s essential to keep your brows on fleek. Achieving the perfect eyebrows is actually the first step to feminine makeup. The right brow shape instantly feminizes your face, and here is how you can do it. Accentuate your higher brow bone, taking pride in the greater distance between the bottom of the brow and your eyelid. Groom properly, brushing your brows upward and using a small scissor to cut any long hair. Then, clean your brows up by focusing on unwanted hair below your brow line. Once your brow is neat and defined, finish with concealer or highlighter underneath to brighten the area and exaggerate your eyelid.

Feminine Makeup Secret #2: Create Big Lashes

We all desire longer eyelashes, as they are key to your femininity. We usually love to finish a great makeup look with butterfly lashes, so keep at it for the ultimate feminine look. Thick, dark, and voluminous lashes emphasize your beautiful eyes effortlessly. You don’t even need any other makeup on your eyes besides a good mascara. Get the falsies look without fake eyelashes by using 2-3 layers of mascara on both your top and bottom lashes. You’ll want to flaunt them all day long, and people won’t be able to take their eyes off of you!

Feminine Makeup Secret #3: Contour Lightly

I know we can get contour happy, but we don’t want to contour like Kim K. here for the ultimate feminine makeup look. A light contour is all that is needed to create a more feminine face. Using dark shades around the perimeter and a lighter shade in the center is meant to create a perfect oval shape. This gives you the illusion that the face is slightly longer than it is wide and gently rounded, and that’s the look we want to aim for. For the ultimate femme, start experimenting to find the perfect contour that looks the most natural to you!

Feminine Makeup Secret #4: Apply Blush

Since the beginning of time, women would wear blush to showcase their femininity. Today, it’s still a staple in your makeup routine. Try finding a gorgeous peach or pink blush that goes with the undertone of your skin. You want the color to look as natural as possible, but still standing out to give your cheeks some color. In addition, you can sweep some highlight across the first half of your cheeks, the part that pops when you smile. This will assist in rounding out the center of your face and making it appear longer, along with giving you the perfect glow!

Feminine Makeup Secret #5: Plump Those Lips

Fuller lips are the last secret in achieving a feminine look. Fake fuller lips by overdrawing the shape of your lips with a lip pencil just slightly. Fill in with a matching lipstick shade, leaving it matte or glossy. The goal is to make your lips look both bold and natural, still making a statement to end your makeup look.

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