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The Best Time To Shop For A Prom Dress


Here at Faviana, we look forward to prom season just as much as the lovely ladies that get to attend do! Of course, this is because we love to see our fashionable ladies rocking their favorite Faviana styles. Seeing your beautiful prom pictures and knowing that you chose us to be a part of your big day makes the endless hours of meticulous design and careful decision making worth it! We want to make your prom shopping experience as fun and stress free as possible, so today we’re going to give you the lowdown on the best time to shop for your prom dress!

When to Start Shopping

We always tell girls that the best time to start shopping for a prom dress is January. This may seem ridiculously early, and you might be thinking, “I don’t have my prom until May!”, but when it comes to shopping for your perfect prom dress, the early bird catches the dress.

Avoid the Rush

Beginning your search in January may seem premature, but retailers will already be stocking their racks by then. One of our best tips for prom is starting early because it will allow you to fully sift through the myriad of options while still leaving you plenty of time to make up your mind. So whether you’re caught between purple or red, or satin or chiffon, you won’t have to rush into a decision and regret your choice later! Another perk to early prom shopping is that you get to bypass the last minute rush and stress to find a dress. Prom shopping is often highly competitive – everyone wants to have the best dress! Keep in mind that trendy and celebrity-inspired styles tend to be more popular! If you want to end up with your dream dress, you should start the hunt early. 

Dress Shopping Logistics

Pre Order:  Many stores are now allowing you to pre-order your prom dress. Check out your favorite prom dress store and see what brands they carry, and then do some research. If you find the perfect dress, you can ask your retailer to order it for you!  You can browse through these styles, print out a photo, go to your nearest retailer, and pre-order your prom dress. Find a Faviana retailer near you through our store locator. The sooner you start prom dress planning, the better. Don’t be afraid to have your dress ordered as early as December!

Layaway:  Similar to pre-ordering your prom dress, many stores allow you to put a dress on layaway and pay for it a little bit at a time. This is a great way to score the dress you’ve dreamed of without taking on more than you can handle financially. It also gives you extra time to budget for other accessories, styling, and beauty treatments you may want to get.

Special Ordering:  If your retailer of choice does not have the right size or color of your dream dress, see if they can special order it for you. If you are having a difficult time getting what you want from your retailer, you can contact us directly. If you happen to choose a very popular or trending style, you will most likely need to order your dress early to ensure you get the color or size you want in time for your event. This is why you should start early – the last thing you want would be for your dream prom dress to get back ordered for months!

Register Your Dress

Most stores will guarantee to not sell the same dress to another girl attending the same prom, and shopping early will make sure you get your dream dress on lockdown. Be smart and register your style.  If your school doesn’t have it’s own Facebook Page or website allowing you to register your Prom Dress, you can always use the National Prom Dress Registry to register your dress, so you can avoid a potential awkward encounter with another girl dressed just like you!  There is also a wide range of apps that serve the same purpose, so be sure to browse through your phone’s app store.

Plan Time for Alterations

Many tailors will need a minimum of 2-4 weeks to complete alterations, so by purchasing your prom dress early, you will feel much more relaxed knowing you have enough time to  alter your gown, as well as time to shop for shoes and jewelry to complete the look!  Also, if anything goes wrong, like if the alterations aren’t quite right, you have enough time to get it fixed and make any necessary edits to guarantee the perfect fit. Keep in mind the more complicated your dress is, the longer alterations may take; components like boning, corsets, netting, and intricate closures usually require extra time and attention. If you are in a rush, opt for a jersey dress or something with simple lining and/or a zipper closure, as this will make for a quick, inexpensive, and easy alteration process. 

We hope you find these prom tips for the best time to shop for a prom dress helpful! Best of luck shopping for your perfect prom dress! Remember to have fun with it and enjoy the process of trying on beautiful gowns! Let us know what Faviana Prom Dress you pick out by tagging us on our Instagram @Faviana and Twitter @FavianaNY. Also, tune into our Youtube Channel to watch fun vlogs!


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