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5 Accessories to Stow in Your Prom Clutch!


You have found your dream dress, the perfect chandelier earrings, a pair of killer heels and that amazing clutch that accents your look perfectly. Even though that purse is the furthest thing from Mary Poppins’ magical bottomless bag, here are our Faviana tips for 5 Accessories to Stow in Your Prom Clutch!


Ok bad news, those killer heels are KILLING your feet. Even if you read our Prom Checklist Post and put in the extra time to break in your shoes (a very worthy time investment by the way) you probably have a girlfriend who did not. Trust me, a bandaid, or better yet Mole Skin*, on a blister will earn you life-long friendship status. You will be at her wedding, still brandishing bandaids.

Safety Pins

Wardrobe malfunctions are humiliating in any situation and even though you (probably) will not end up on TMZ tomorrow, there is no point in not being prepared for something like this! Bring a few big safety pins with you just in case you lose the hook and eye for your dress, or worse yet, a strap on your dress unexpectedly snaps!

Stain Removers

Alex Keeps in Touch

No matter how careful you are, stains happen even to the best of us. It could have been from your ruby red lipstick, the punch your friend was drinking when you two accidentally bumped into each other, the saucy penne a la vodka from dinner, or the creamy chocolate ice cream from dessert. Be quick to take action against that offensive spot on your gown with stain remover products like Shout Out wipes or a Tide Stick! I wish I had had the fore-planning of a stain remover with me to handle that detestable buttered roll that rolled right off the table and onto my lap on my prom night!

Bobby pins

Whether you are getting your hair professionally done or not, bobby pins will take up 0% of the space in your tiny clutch and will make 100% of a difference! As you are dancing around, your hair is bound to loosen up just a touch and any stray hairs can easily be put into place with a hair pin!

Pro tip: if you have a lot of hair and you think you are going to need more than one or two pins, store more pins in an empty tic-tac container to keep them together and to dispense them easily.  

Facial Compact

The combination of the yards of fabric that is your prom dress, the crowded dance floor, and the prom venue that still has not figured out how to properly ventilate a party, has left you a little shinier than you would have liked. Take a time out in the ladies room to puff your face before getting back to the party and especially before more selfies!

Pro tip: If the bathroom stalls have those paper toilet rim protectors, snag a new one to blot, emphasis on “blot”, your face before reapplying your powder!

A little forethought will ensure that you can masterfully handle outfit mishaps, if (a.k.a. when) they happen, like a boss!

Now that you know about some emergency accessories that will take up very little space inside your clutch, check out our How to Pack the Ultimate Prom Clutch article to see what else you may need and how to squeeze it in your gorgeous clutch come prom night.

We would love you see pictures of your clutch! If you think we are missing anything or would like to add something different, let us know! Comment below or share it with us on Insatagram @Faviana_NY or Twitter @FavianaNY.



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