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Single Girl’s Guide to a Wedding

It’s wedding season! While many of you make be throwing on your favorite pair of walking heels to walk down the aisle, some other readers may be dreading the single life during wedding season. Have no fear! Faviana is here to help! Here is the Single Girl’s Guide to a Wedding!

1. It is okay to wear the same dress to two weddings.

Weddings are expensive – between gifts, dresses, heels, the whole nine yards, it’s a lot of money… and when you have twelve weddings in one month, you can’t always spend hundreds of dollars on every wedding. So … Don’t! Dresses can look very different if you wear different heels with it. If you wore the dress with your hair down, try an updo for an updated look! Adding different accessories or a different cardigan can totally change the look of the dress! And honestly, no one is going to blame you for wearing the same dress. Most of those girls are in the same shoes as you.

2. It is A-OK to be single!

Sometimes, watching seventeen couples tie the knot makes you feel like you’ll never get your fairytale ending. However, you TOTALLY will. Have confidence in yourself. You don’t need to a man or woman to complete you – you are complete just by yourself. Relish in the single life, and then when you’re no longer single you can relish in the taken life.


Don’t pretend like this isn’t the greatest incentive ever. Even if the wedding is a total bummer and you don’t have a date and nothing is going well and it’s not an open bar and you don’t have a nice dress (though you should because Faviana has amazing wedding guest dresses for every bridal occasion) there will be food there. Good food. A lot of food. So, at minimum, you have that.

4. Your date doesn’t have to be a “date

Not seeing anyone right now but scared to go a wedding alone? We get it. You can very easily bring a good friend. Nobody needs to know your relationship. Just bring someone who you want to dance with, or who you can have take pictures of you pretending to steal the bride’s bouquet.

5. Home-Made Gifts

Gifts can be really expensive, and sometimes you genuinely can’t buy one. However, there are lots of ways to make the bride-to-be feel special. Ask her if you can do her invitations for her instead. Frame all the photos of her that you have. Dry her bouquet for her so it’s safe forever. Take a nice photo during the wedding and get a nice frame to put it in. Draw her a beautiful photo of her and her spouse to be. If she’s a best friend, make her an IOU coupon book of trips, ice cream dates, movie nights, etc. Be creative!

6. You may meet your other half…

Weddings are a great way to meet people. If you have to go alone, use it as an opportunity to make a friend. You never know, you might meet your soul mate.

7. Use every wedding as an excuse to feel beautiful

As women, we don’t always have the time to allow ourselves to feel beautiful. NOW YOU HAVE SO MANY EXCUSES! Do your hair, try out that new bold lipstick, and take way too many selfies. You are so beautiful, and now you have a chance to show that off.

8. Put yourself in every photo right at the beginning

If you’re really hating the night and there’s no salvaging it, showing up in all the pictures at the beginning and dancing with the bride first means that you can make a quick escape. Maybe it’s to an after party, or maybe its to your onesie and teddy bear but either way, you can make an escape if you’ve made an entrance.

9. If it’s a location wedding–share a room!

You can rely on your friends. You guys can all watch How to Be Single with some cake and a bottle of rum if you want to. You don’t have to do this alone.

10. Be excited for your friend.

Sometimes, when you go to so many weddings, you forget how much it means to the bride. Support her; be there for her, and her happiness will rub off on you. The better you are to her, the better she’ll be to you on your big day!

Now you’re ready to take on the wedding solo! Still looking for a dress to wear for your BFF’s big day? Check out some Faviana wedding guest dresses that are perfect for a guest as special as you! Be sure to send in pictures of you looking fab in one of our dresses and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @Faviana and Twitter @FavianaNY. Who knows, you may even be featured!


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