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20 Tips for 20-Somethings


Being in your twenties is a very intimating time. You’re going through so many changes and trying very hard to get your life together. Holidays are filled with, “Are you dating anybody?” and “How’s your job?” It can get really difficult sometimes, so here are some fun Faviana tips to help make your twenties a little less stressful!

1. Remember that the 20’s are not “the end of your life.”

Chris Pratt lived out of his car, J.K Rowling was broke, Tina Fey was working at the Y.M.C.A, Oprah was fired, and Walt Disney was bankrupt. Your life is just beginning, not ending!

2. You don’t have to grow up so fast

It’s great that your best friend is making 50k and living in their own house, and it’s also okay if you’re living with four roommates and relying on Craig’s list for job applications. These things take time. Everyone works at different speeds.

3. Ramen Noodles are not a way of life.

It is okay to occasionally go back to your college days of eating four bags of ramen noodles. Instead, opt for rice! You can get some cheap veggies and make a stir-fry. Add eggs to it- they will keep you fuller longer!  Plus, all of these things help you feel better physically.

4. Take mental health days

It’s hard to take a minute for yourself when you’re so scared you’ll be unsuccessful, but you really need to. If you’re too tired to function, you’re not going to be able to give 100%. Take days off when you need them and treat yourself when you can. Cheap face masks and nail polish are a good way to start.

5. Take Risks!

You’re relatively unattached right now. Now is the time in your life when you can make mistakes. Take risks! Take that job in Japan. Date that cute boy who you don’t have time for. Go after whatever you want!

5. Morals and Values

At the same time, stick to your gut. Don’t do things that make you uncomfortable. Focus on your well-being and only do things that genuinely make you happy and grow as a person.

6. Marriage

You don’t have to get married in your twenties. You can, but there is no rule saying you have to. Don’t force it because you may end up with the wrong person.

7. Stand up for yourself

People often underestimate younger people. Don’t let people boss you around or tell you who to be. Stand up for who you are, and speak up when you’re right. But…

8. Remember that you have a lot to learn

You are brilliant and beautiful, but you are young. You do not know everything, and you are just starting out in your career. Let yourself expand and learn. Ask questions. Allow people to influence you, but don’t let them change you.

9. Put your friends and family first

Nobody on their deathbed says, “I wish I spent less time with the people I loved.” Don’t let work consume you. Remember what’s important and who has always been there for you.

10. Don’t force friendships

Some people were good friends, and then you both grew up and grew apart. That’s okay. You don’t like that one girl from yoga? That’s okay. You can be friendly without being friends.

11. Sleep is a way of life

You don’t need that fourteenth episode of “Jane the Virgin” at 1 am. It will still be there tomorrow. Get at least 6 hours, but aim for 8 to 12.

12. Don’t get rid of your student I.D

Why? DISCOUNTS, MY LOVE. DISCOUNTS. They can last well into your twenties.

13. Ask Questions

I don’t just mean “how do you fill out an excel sheet?” I mean ask people about their lives. Ask people about their regrets. Learn from people. Expand yourself and your mind.

14. Try New Things

Take that pottery class and then go and try kickboxing. Explore. You may discover a hidden love or talent.

15. Nobody knows what they’re doing

Most people are just giant children at desks. You are among the confused. You know about as much as they do. Embrace it.

16. Forgive people

That guy that broke your heart in college? He’s history. That girl that was mean to you in high school? History. Move forward. It’ll make you a stronger and better human.

17. Get a filing cabinet

File all your paperwork. ALL OF IT. You never know when you’ll need that one W-4 form from five years ago.

18. Find a mentor

Whether it’s Tina Fey, your mom, or your boss, find someone to guide you through the hard times. Preferably someone you can go to for advice.

19. Call your mom

Your parents are people too, and even if times were tough when you were a teen, they’re still your parents. Call them. Visit them. They love you a lot.

20. Go big or go home!

It’s a new part of your life! Enjoy every second. If you want to cry, DO IT. If you want to laugh, DO IT. Do what you feel. Be spontaneous. Now’s your chance before it’s too late.

I hope you enjoyed these tips on how to make the most of such a fun part of your life. Have any other tips that we’ve missed? We’d love to hear on our Instagram @glamandgowns or Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NY and Twitter @FavianaNY.



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