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Top Accessories to Wear at May Ball


Ahh the glitz and the glam of May Ball is upon us! Suit up with your best May Ball accessories because it is about to be a night you won’t want to forget in an outfit even more unforgettable. Our expert stylists are here to weigh in on the top accessories to wear at May Ball that will be trending this year just in time for you to get styling your perfect May Ball Dress.

Accessories to Wear at May Ball: The Clutch


First thing’s first, the clutch! This is what you will be carrying all of your extra May Ball accessories in so you have to make sure to do your shopping due diligence to find the perfect one. Look for a style that is compact enough that it won’t overshadow your dress but large enough to carry everything you might need in it. Another trick to know if your clutch is the right one for you is to see if your flats fit inside of it! Your feet are sure to tire by the end of the evening so you’ll want to be able to swap out your heels for a more comfortable pair at the end of the night. Another trick is to buy your dress first so that you can be sure that the color of your clutch doesn’t clash with your dress color. You can opt for a bold print if your dress is simple or match your clutch to the color of your jewelry if your dress is on the bolder side.

Accessories to Wear at May Ball: The Jewelry

Jewelry can make or break an outfit so pay careful attention here. Are you going to make your May Ball accessories all about the silver or the gold? Or, are you going to be a total rebel and mix and match the two metals? A cute trend coming up for May Ball this year is dainty jewelry pieces. It is so fun to stack small, delicate necklaces to create a unique neckline. Faviana Style 8083 is the perfect style option to pull off something like this with. Staying true to the dainty jewelry trend, stack a bunch of small rings on four to five fingers to make your dress and your manicure pop!

Accessories to Wear at May Ball for Your Hair

Keep this dainty jewelry trend going into your hairstyle! Who says your May Ball accessories have to strictly stay on your wrists and fingers?! Style your hair around cute headbands and head chains and you’ll become best dressed at May Ball this year. This hair accessory is the perfect compliment to a boho style dress like Faviana Style 10000!

Accessories to Wear at May Ball: Statement Pieces

Close out the night in a statement piece! This can be anything from a cocktail ring, crazy heels, a bold necklace, or even a wrap. You’ll be dancing all into the hours of the night so it is bound to get a bit chilly! Make your statement piece a cute wrap so you can keep partying all night long. Maybe a faux fur stole is the way to go with your dress or you could even go for a chiffon wrap that perfectly matches the color of your dress.

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