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Trixie Cosmetics Is Here – What You Need To Know


Are you always on the lookout for the latest trends in fashion and cosmetics? If this sounds like you, then we have you covered. We already told you about Aquaria and Alyssa Edward’s eyeshadow palettes, but now we are here to let you know that drag queen Trixie Mattel has launched her own cosmetics line called Trixie Cosmetics

The line includes lipstick and different glitter products that are cute, affordable and easy to apply. Trixie Mattel wanted the products to be for everyone because at the end of the day makeup is a toy that is used to draw on your face. I mean, she’s right. 

Here is an overview of everything you need to know about Trixie Cosmetics from products and shades to price points and ingredients. 

Trixie Cosmetics Lipstick – “Stacy”

Photo Credit: Instagram

Trixie Mattel wanted her first lipstick to be a bright pink and that is what she has created with the shade “Stacy.” “Stacy” is a vibrant pink color that feels creamy but dries matte which provides maximum comfort and pigmentation. This shade looks perfect on all skin tones and can be used to top off a day look or to create a fun nighttime look. “Stacy” comes in a heart shaped tube and the grooves make it easier to hold and apply than your typical lipstick tube. Trixie Mattel wanted to make it a priority to have her products priced fairly and she did just that because this lipstick only costs $16. 

Trixie Cosmetics Sparkles

Photo Credit: Instagram

In addition to the lipstick, Trixie Cosmetics also has glitter known as “Sparkles.” This ultra-fine glitter comes in four shades white (Marshmallow), blue (Maliblu), silver (Carol Anne) and yellow (Melon Bar). The glitter is eye safe and goes on smooth making application a breeze. Not only can you use this for eye looks, but you can sprinkle it over any makeup look to give it an extra gorgeous shimmer. This glitter is also priced fairly at $10 making it more easily accessible.

Trixie Cosmetics Sprinkles

Photo Credit: Instagram

If adding glitter to your makeup look isn’t enough, then you are going to want “Sprinkles.” These hair and body glitters are perfect to wear to music festivalspride paradesconcerts and anywhere else you want to wear tons of glitter. “Melon Baller” is a pink gold-melon color, “Pony Up” is unicorn shaped rainbow glitter, “Buffy” consists of pink hearts and crosses, “Skipper” is a neon bubblegum with a lime duochrome, and “Immaterial Girl” consists of gold stars. There are enough sprinkles to suit all of your glitter needs for only $10.

More Information About Trixie Cosmetics

Photo Credit: Instagram

Right now, Trixie Cosmetics is only being sold online, but they are in the process of coming to retailers. It is important to note that the glitters are not biodegradable in the same way that plastic impacts the environment. Trixie Cosmetics is cruelty free, but not vegan. 

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