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Vintage Accessories for Prom


Do you live and love anything vintage? Are you the girl who worships every Audrey Hepburn film and aspires to be all of her glamorous characters? A vintage look, with a modern edge, is easier than you think to achieve with just a few touches. The addition of accessories or shoes might be all you need to get a vintage look that is totally you. Check out Faviana’s tips for Vintage Accessories for Prom!

Let’s talk shoes

60’s – When we talk vintage, we think classic. Classic means the one and only, Christian Louboutin. A black or nude ‘So Kate’ heels will be a perfect match to a 60’s vintage -with modern twist.
40’s – Our tip best for a vintage 40’s inspired shoe is all about the ankle strap. This simple thin strap adds a retro flare to the shoe, creating a over all vintage look.

20’s – The decade of the flapper. Lets put on some dance shoes to turn up the vintage feel! The modern version of a ‘Mary Jane’ will be perfect for a 20’s shoe.

The Bag

The evolution of the clutch was relatively minimal from the 1920’s – 1960’s. Here are our favorite renditions of decades clutches, which can be easily personalized to match your style.

60’s – When the 60’s hit, they adopted more structure in their bags. With the mod-chic trend that came, structure was key to balance the look.

40’s – In the 40’s, all the glitz and glam was slightly subdued. This time period wasn’t as crazy as the 20’s, and it showed in their fashion. Adding a chunky beaded bag with a metallic clasp would be a perfect addition to your desired 40’s look.

20’s – The 20’s era evening purse was just as free spirited as the attire of the time period. Pair your 20’s inspired look with a floppy beaded bag, and don’t forget the fringe!

Finger, Wrists, Neck and Ears

What I Wore 2Day

Jewelry is a key component to keeping the vintage vibe. Check out the decades to see which one you’re liking most to pair with your vintage appearance.

60’s – Think mod, Mad Men, and Audrey Hepburn. The gaudier the better. Earrings will be the best piece to personify this decade, and make it bold.

40’s  Choker necklaces with statement cocktail rings are a total must with the 40’s era.

20’s – Flapper style jewelry means strings of pearls and costume pendants. Finding a layered pearl necklace or layering different length of pearls would be a perfect match for the 20’s vintage. Bonus tip: Add a rhinestone chain layer in, this will add a little sparkle to your look.

After these tips you might as well be walking out of a modern twist of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. So why not try these tips out on a night out with the girls? How about throwing a themed party? Try these vintage accents for the ultimate unique prom look.

What decade will you be channeling at prom this year? Do you have a favorite vintage accessory? Let us know what you think by tagging our blog’s Instagram @glamandgowns, Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NY and Twitter @FavianaNY!



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