Creative Ways to Match Your Homecoming Date

Homecoming is upon us, and not only do you have to worry about the dress you’re going to wear, but what your date is going to wear as well. It’s too easy to match the color of your dress to your date’s tie, bow-tie, vest, or handkerchief. For those of you who want to take a non-traditional approach, try to match your homecoming date in these creative ways!

Match Your Homecoming Date: Your Clutch

Clutch Faviana Matching Your Homecoming Date

Match accessory to accessory with this one because who says you always have to match your dress color to your date?! Especially if your dress color is too neutral or difficult to match, then try pairing your clutch color with his tie instead. You’ll be carrying this bag with you all throughout the night, along with always being close to your date. Thus, people will instantly see you are together and match. Don’t forget to pack your clutch before you leave though!

Match Your Homecoming Date: The Belt

Belt Faviana Match Your Homecoming Date

Your guy is already making a fashion statement with his belt, so why not take it to the next level and make it even more of a statement? Have the fabric of his belt or buckle match your color theme, creating the ultimate unique look. This pop of color against his neutral suit will make him appear brighter, as you guys still look cohesive together. Everyone’s going to rave over this creative idea!

Match Your Homecoming Date: The Cufflinks

Cufflinks Faviana Match Your Homecoming Date

If your date is planning to wear classy cufflinks to homecoming, then take advantage of it! This is a great opportunity for the both of you to match with the tiniest detail. Instead of opting for the traditional silver or gold finish, search for unique cufflinks that match your homecoming attire. Matching your date can be difficult, so definitely use this as an easy and interesting approach to it.

Match Your Homecoming Date: The Shoes

Shoe Faviana Match Your Homecoming Date

This is next one is great if you go with a black, white, or neutral color dress. Instead of your date matching your dress color, have him match your shoe color! A neutral color dress allows you to pair it with fun and vibrant shades for your shoes, such as ruby red or other jewel-tones. Matching the color of your shoes also allows both you and your date to shine through with your favorite color while standing out the right amount!

Match Your Homecoming Date: The Socks

Socks Faviana Match Your Homecoming Date

This is a fun and discreet way to match, specifically to make those accent colors stand out in a subtle way. Ask your date to wear that gorgeous shade highlighted on your dress, so that when his socks are seen, you will see a glimpse of your color. Not to mention, men’s socks are a lot more fun than women’s, so the process of choosing will be a blast as well. You will have the best poses at homecoming with him showing off his socks while standing or sitting!

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