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5 Unique Ways to Match Your Prom Date


Matching your prom date is a great way to look photo-ready at prom! Usually the most standard way to match is for your date is to highlight your dress color, or your accent color, in his shirt or tie. However, there are many other ways to match your date! What if your date isn’t keen on wearing a bright pink look, even if it is your all time favorite color? Here at Faviana we looked into some other ways to coordinate your outfit.

From basic to unexpected details, we found some cute and simple ways to match your date with just a few glam accessories. Here are 5 Unique Ways to Match Your Prom Date!

The Socks

While socks don’t seem like the most interesting way to match, they can be a great way to match your accent color to your date in a subtle way. Ask your date to wear that gorgeous green or pink that is highlighted in your prom dress, so that when his socks are seen, you will see a glimpse of your color. Men’s socks are much more fun than women’s socks normally, so take advantage!

The Belt

A belt is already a fashion statement for many guys, why not have it match your color theme? Look into a belt with leather or fabric that matches your dress, or a buckle that matches in some way. This would be especially cool if your date used this as his pop of color against a neutral suit, a perfect way to stand out at prom!

The Beard

Does your date have a beard he is very proud of? Colored and glitter-filled beards are some of the most fun DIYs seen all over the internet this year! Try adding washable color to your date’s beard, or a dash of colored glitter. This is for sure a fun way to match each other at prom, if you can convince your date to take the fun fashion risk. This would make for epic prom selfies as well!

The Cufflinks

If your date is planning to wear classy cufflinks for prom, take advantage of this opportunity to match! Stray away from the traditional gold or silver and look for cufflinks that match your prom ensemble. An emerald green set of cufflinks would perfectly accent a black suit! This could also be an opportunity for a little DIY project as well.

The Watch 

For many guys a watch is their favorite accessory, being both functional and stylish. Watches are a perfect way to make an understated fashion statement at prom! You could shop with your date for a watch that matches your dress, and they could even wear their favorite watch with just a small addition of a colored band to match.

Whether you and your date are planning to match for prom night, or he’s going with the basics, it can be really fun to mix it up a bit. Why not try some unique ways to match?

How do you plan to match your date? Do you have other unique ideas for matching? Let us know what you think by tagging our Instagram @faviana and Twitter @FavianaNY!


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